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Evil infighting

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Mr. Easter
VS Undead

The local alliance of evil armies is crumbling as we relapse into fighting among each-other. Seems like we were not able to share the loot from the recent victory over an alliance of Dwarfs and Forces of Nature.

Our gaming group consists of veterans from the fantasy universe that doesn't exist anymore. We recently got our hands on the rules for Kings of War and are still trying to learn the rules. We have had lots of fun with the system and it's really satisfying to see ranks of infantry marching into battle again.

Still not being experts of the rules we decided to play a game with 1000 points per side, mostly restricted by the Undead forces PoisonTail had at hand. The scenario was Kill and Pillage from the main rules, so kill points and 6 objectives worth 100 points each.

My army was:
- High Priestess of the Abyss, with Bane Chant and Inspiring Talisman
- Army Standard Bearer, with Diadem of Dragon-kind
- 2 Reaper Guard regiments
- 1 Blade Dancers troop
- 2 Crossbowmen troops, one with piercing arrow
- 1 Dark Knights troop

PoisonTail had:
- Necromancer with Inspiring Talisman
- Army Standard Bearer
- Zombie horde, with rats
- Skeleton Spearmen regiment, with rats
- Revenant Cavalry regiment, with Potion of the Caterpillar
- Soul Reaver troop
- Wraiths troop
- Ghouls troop


The battlefield after deployment:

With two cavalry units and the wraiths in the undead army I knew that I had the slower army. Spreading my units out would leave them vulnerable to be picked of one at a time. Therefore, I decided to focus my units on one flank so the units can support each other. The undead deploy around the centre line, which leaves the wraiths and revenants out of reach for the first turns.

The Twilight Kin units (going away from the camera) are: Reaper guards, crossbowmen, army standard bearer, reaper guards, high priestess, blade dancers, dark knights and crossbowmen

The Undead: Soul reavers, zombie horde, necromancer, ghouls, skeleton spearmen, army standard bearer, wraiths and revenant cavalry.

Turn 1

Everything moves forward...

The crossbowmen put a couple of points of damage on the wraiths and are one point from routing them.

Turn 2

End of Twilight Kin turn.

The closest crossbowmen unit moves up as bait. I was trying to create a trap for the soul reavers in an attempt to destroy them, and protect the right flank, before the other Undead units reach combat. Unfortunately I didn't realise that it left the blade dancers exposed.

End of undead turn:

The wraiths and the soul reavers charge and route the blade dancers. The ghouls charge the crossbowmen, but don't cause much damage.

turn 3

End of Twilight kin turn:

The reaper guard unit on the right flank and the dark knights charge and rout the soul reavers. The crossbowmen counter charges the ghouls and rout them. The other reaper guard unit charge the zombies but their nerve test is passed. The high priestess casts a fireball on the wraiths and the standard bearer uses his breath weapon on them. The unit take some damage, but they pass the nerve test.

End of undead turn:

The revenant cavalry charge the flank of one reaper guard unit and rout them. (Why did I place them like that...) The skeleton spearmen charge the crossbowmen and they waver. The wraiths charge the flank of the dark knights (why did I place them like that...), but they only do one point of damage and the unit is steady. The zombies charge the reaper guards, but only cause 4 point of damage and the unit pass the nerve test.

turn 4

End of Twilight kin turn:

The reaper guards counter charge the zombies and the crossbowmen charge the flank to help. The zombies are routed. The dark knights charge the revenant cavalry, but don't do enough damage. The high priestess throws a fireball on the wraiths that has taken quite a lot of damage at this point, but they pass the nerve test.

End of Undead turn:

The revenant cavalry and the wraiths charge the dark knights and rout them. The skeleton spearmen charge the crossbowmen and cause a waver. The Undead army standard bearer charges the high priestess, but doesn't do anything.

Turn 5

End of Twilight Kin turn:

The reaper guards charge the revenant cavalry and cause a rout. The Twilight Kin standard bearer uses his breath weapon on the wraiths and the priestess throw a fireball on them, the wraiths are finally routed. The crossbowmen shoot at the necromancer and cause one point of damage and a waver.

End of Undead turn:

The skeleton spearmen finally rout the crossbowmen. The Undead standard bearer charges the priestess but doesn't do anything.

turn 6

End of Twilight Kin turn:

The crossbowmen charge the necromancer and cause a rout. The reaper guards charge the skeleton spearmen, the nerve test is passed. The standard bearer and the priestess use their shooting/magic on the undead standard bearer, but the nerve test is passed.

End of Undead turn:

The skeleton spearmen counter charge the reaper guards, but don't cause much damage. The Undead standard bearer charges the Twilight Kin standard bearer, but again doesn't hit.

Turn 7

Middle of Twilight Kin turn:

The reaper guards and the crossbowmen charge the skeleton spearmen and cause a rout. The standard bearer uses his breath weapon on the Undead standard bearer and the priestess uses bane chant on the reaper guards. The Undead standard bearer is routed.


With all Undead forces routed it's a victory for the Twilight Kin. It was an interesting game and there were many points where the balance could have swung in both directions.

Going forward we will have to try using larger armies to see how the game works with forces closer to the "intended" size. However, I am impressed with how well the rules work at varying army sizes. Next I will try to tame a couple of werewolves/lycans to add to my army.

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Mr. Easter


  • PoisonTail says:

    Once you kill all the zombies that scare away the rats… My estimate is that they are here for the Yuletide. They don’t care a rats ass about those holidays – any of them! (Check your club board for briefing!)

  • Mr. Easter says:

    You are telling me a zombie apocalypse isn’t enough? Now we have a rodent infestation too…

  • PoisonTail says:

    They should come out soon again to fight some rats. (Who also smell damp from being locked up in a box too long.)

    When writing my battle report (and reading yours) I realised I should have expected that flank charge into the Soul Reaver Cavalry. They were completely out of my mind – maybe its some remnants of the wars that were in another space-time continuum. I agree with you that the games feel completely different. (And that I rather not write up everything. And not stuff for a while again…)

  • Mr. Easter says:

    Lit Wick, thank you! I think my Twilight Kin/dark-hearted elves has been out of their storage box more times during the last two months than during the the two years before that 🙂

  • Mr. Easter says:

    PoisonTail: It was quite fun. I think it can be a useful tool to go through the game afterwards and analyse what worked and what didn’t. It also gives another perspective of the game, it doesn’t look like the same game when you are looking at the pictures. It was rather time consuming though, I wouldn’t like doing it after every game.

  • Lit Wick says:

    It’s great to come to Kings of War after the disintegration of the now-nonexistant fantasy universe. It’s just a livelier place with a heck of a lot more possibility. Really happy to see fresh faces trying the game! Welcome!

  • PoisonTail says:

    Btw. what do you think of writing battle reports now having written one yourself? Did you get anything out of it?

  • PoisonTail says:

    Yes, that sounded about right. (Rg. deployment.)

    I again felt there was a little too little space for such. Plus you had those annoying crossbowmen to chaff me up with! I dropped the Revenant Cavalry with a few drops left. I think I should have kept hem in the middle. But I was half expecting you to put those Knights cheekily on the other flank to threaten objectives. Having them trying to get to the rear was not a pleasant thought either

  • Mr. Easter says:

    Wow, I was logged out for a couple of hours and this has happened. 🙂

    PoisonTail: I was afraid that you would put the soul reavers and the revenant cavalry on the right flank (left flank from the other side of the table) and be able to punch through the reaper guard on that flank. That would have left my army encircled with heavy hitters behind the line and the anvil unit of zombies in front of the line. Obviously something I wanted to avoid.

    Keef Ditchards: I don’t remember the exact order, but something like: corssbowmen, crossbowmen, standard bearer, reaper guard, blade dancers, reaper guard, high priestess and dark knights. It’s possible that some of them should be swapped, but roughly in that order.

  • PoisonTail says:

    It looks very different from my side of the board (unpublished pictures) I can see now when comparing.

    Mr. Easter held back the Knights, and I did their counters – the Soul Reavers and the Wraiths. I don’t know about Mr. Easters deployment order, but I started with the centre – zombies, skellingtons ghouls and the characters to try to flush them out. Another unit of ghouls would be good for this 😀

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Ah, that probably means I’m always in doubt. :p Just to check. What I meant with not expecting the charge on the blade dancers (from the soul reaver cav) is that it came out of nowhere. Would have cought me with my pants down.

  • PoisonTail says:

    I’m not sure it was a good plan, but I’ve been enjoying imitating your empirical approaches like this, I get an idea and just go for it. If nothing else you learn something process. 😀 Maybe its the Worf doctrine – “When in doubt, fire photon torpedoes.”

  • PoisonTail says:

    The opportunity came where my Soul Reaver and the Wraiths could do so. The ghouls could not, but they could reach the Crossbowmen and probably take them out for a turn. I thought they could possyble even rout them. With this charge I could actually punch through the line, or at least make a mess of it, and get rid of a hard hitter without the risk of getting counter charged too hard. If nothing else it might put Mr. Easter on the back foot. Sure the Knights were there, but the wraiths were taking hits so I could use them as a shield for my soul reavers.

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    If I may take some of your time, in roughly what order did you deploy your units?

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    I was not expetcing the charge against the Blade Dancers.

  • PoisonTail says:

    Interesting read. Especially as you write you are relieved to see the wraiths and revenant cavalry were out of reach for a few turns. Having deployed I was thinking “Yes! Now I can overpower your right flank (i.e. centre) and fling around quickly! 😀

    Well written! Thanks for taking the time!

  • PoisonTail says:

    Yes, I see they have a lot of them in Sweden. Maybe they have entered our lands as well? Maybe you are to blame for this? I see you didn’t take the short route after all!

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Nice report! Good luck with that taming of werewolves/lycans. I heard they could be nasty if you are not careful.