Edge of the Abyss

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Evil Infighting

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VS Nightstalkers
Mr. Easter

Evil Infighting

It had taken a few times measuring their strengths, but they finally had decided on a scheme to attack the good ones for good. After defeating the forces of good, The Forces of Nature, and their Dwarf allies. The evil alliance is again at each others' throats. Now fighting over the loot they have acquired… and are all set to Kill and Pillage! their foes.

The terrain as set up according to a map generated from epicdwarf.com
↑ Deployment. Objectives (6) give 10% of the army values (100p) to the non-individuals holding them at the end of the game, in addition we have Kill Points. A few are on the centre line, and a pair is placed more into each players deployment zone, one under the Reaper Guard in the corner, one under the Wraiths. In deployment, Mr. Easter, aka the Guy You Don’t Want to Run Into in a Dark Lab, is holding his Knights back until the last drop in hope of getting a good counter. I, in turn, am waiting for them to be deployed in hope of getting a quick counter unit to make sure I win the speed war. (Probably too much so.) Funnily I am happy to see one of his regiments of Reaper Guard (top left) as being out of combat for a long time, while my quicker units on the other side can move around. Mr. Easter in turn wrote in his Edge of the Abyss batrep: “The undead deploy around the centre line, which leaves the wraiths and revenants out of reach for the first turns.” My game plan, was to push up to put all my weight on his army and then withdraw where possible to take an objective or two. Having a small army makes it harder do detach one unit, but in my case the ghouls would have been ideal for this. Let’s see who draws the short straw here. Undead win the roll to get the first turn but hand it over to the Twilight Kin in hope to be able to decide on the objective control.
↑ Staring down the Twilight Elves. Funny how they glitter in the sun.
↑ Staring down the Twilight Elves. Funny how they glitter in the sun.

↑ Undead Turn 1. The shamblers also engage predominantly on the flank, turning the battle line further. Ghouls get pass the slow zombies, and the skeletons are shambled forward. The Soul Reavers carefully move forward to put pressure on the Twilight Kin.

↑ Twilight Kin Turn 2. More bolts hit the wraiths, its getting sweaty for the Undead. But they hold fast.
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 2. The Elves try to pressure the Soul Reavers into a charge.
↑ Undead Turn 2. The situation at the start of the Undead turn. I can see a few possibilities here, but also a few threats. Mr. Easter seems to be baiting me into a charge on the Crossbowmen or the Reaver Guard. If I charge the crossbowmen I get countered by one or two Reaver Guard regiments, and the Dark Knights can At the Double! to threat my rear if I’m not careful. The ghouls are in charge range of the crossbowmen on the left, but to no other unit. The wraiths can reach as far as the Blade Dancers. The interesting charge here is the one the Soul Reavers can do into the flank of the Blade Dancers. This would help me get rid of a hard hitting unit. Unfortunately that leaves me vulnerable to a counter charge from the knights.
↑ Undead Turn 2. This is how I decide to roll. I am too intrigued about how this will end! The wraiths can move forward and block a counter charge from the Knights, saving the Soul Reaver Cav’s Thunderous Charge for something nasty. The rest of the army shambles forward to get some of the action.
↑ Undead Turn 2. The Blade Dancers are indeed routed and the wraiths move forward but its not enough to protect the cavalry. The ghouls only do two wounds and cannot even waver the Crossbowmen. Mr. Easter wrote: “The closest crossbowmen unit moved up as bait. I was trying to create a trap for the soul reavers in an attempt to destroy them, and protect the right flank, before the other Undead units reach combat. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that it left the blade dancers exposed.”
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 3. This is the situation as its now time for the Twilight Kin to counter. As the Undead general I am happy with the pressure I put on the Dread Elves, but was it wise…?
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 3. Its a whole lotta charges going on. The ghouls get some, as do the zombies. But by disciplined orders the reaper guard are also able to come into the fray – in the flank of the cavalry. That I did not expect.
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 3. The characters severely hurt the Wraiths, but they cannot banish them. Again, the generals are both sweating.
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 3. In the end the Soul Reaver cavalry are destroyed. Zombies get 8 wounds on them. Very annoyingly the ghouls are routed.
↑ Undead 3. The undead counter charge once more – now but its getting tricky again! After careful measuring, its clear that the skeletons don’t fit in here in the mega clash in the middle of the board, squishing into the side of the Reaper Guard. Instead they choose the crossbowmen as their target. The revenant cavalry charge the flank of the other Reaper Guard, and the Wraiths charge the flank of the Knights.
↑ Undead Turn 3. The Revenant Cavalry manage to destroy the Reaper Guard, but the Knights hold. The crossbowmen unit is turning into a real pain as well, but are now wavered at least. In the case of the zombies, a better move could have been to surge into the crossbowmen unit potentially routing them before taking on the elite elves.
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 4. The latter half of the battle begins with the Reaper Guard controlling a small-scale zombie apocalypse (read: counter charge).
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 4. The Knights counter charge the Revenant cavalry.
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 4. The combined charge of the Reaper guard and the crossbowmen is enough to rout the zombies. I was a bit surprised that they didn’t last longer than two turns, though.
↑ Undead Turn 4. The wraiths and revenant cav finally destroy the knights. The Skeletons fail again to route the crossbowmen troop.
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 5. Now, finally, the thorns in the side of the Twilight Kin army – the wraiths – are destroyed in a fiery convocation by the standard bearer and the witch.
↑ Twilight Kin Turn 5. The reaper guard charge the revenant cavalry. Meanwhile, the crossbowmen advance to fire a few pot shots at the necromancer. He is wavered. The revenant cavalry are routed.
↑ Undead Turn 5. There is little left of either army, but now its clear that its the Undead who are the underdogs. The Necromancer is Wavered, and cannot contribute with any Surges – so the only option is to charge ahead and hope for the best. In the end they do 4 wounds, which is not enough to waver their enemies. The Standard Bearer attempts to disrupt the Twilight Kin witch, but fails.

↑ Turn 6. The end game turns towards the Skeletons taking a combined charged from both Crossbowmen and the Reaper guard. The standard bearer is routed. So is the Skeleton regiment.


That was another very interesting game. My cheeky charge did not pay off in the end – as Mr. Easter got to charge the flank of the Soul Reavers there. Writing this I think This was not something I had foreseen, just like Mr. Easter hadn’t seen my flank charges. That makes us even I guess. Could this have been avoided if I had instead turned the wraiths and the Soul Reaver Cav I wonder?

Anyway, there was a lot going on and we are both learning a lot and coming to games with a new trick or two to try. Now as I have have my Wights (and I’ll go ahead and add 10 wraiths as well and a few ghouls) my Undead are ready to go up in points, something Mr. Easter has been longing to do a few games. But now I think its time for my Ratkin to show their faces once more…

Thanks for reading!

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