Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Massacre in the Glades II

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VS Goblins

After a few days of recovery the Herneas's Rangers and Morrolan's Halpi 23rd were battle ready once more. Ranger's scouts were reporting that they had somehow been followed by the goblin king they had defeated in the mountains. The goblin rabble were now marching towards one of the portal nexuses, so Morrolan and Herneas moved their forces to intercept.

The Dwarves form up as the goblin hordes try to surround them.

The goblins had brought some form of trebuchet, if the pile of wood could be called that. For all that it looked ramshackle, it was very effective through out the battle.

The rangers again took took the brunt of the goblin might. With rocks arrows and lightning being thrown at them. They returned fire, but one on the units of rangers was scattered under the rain of projectiles.

With trolls bearing down, Morrolan sent one of his iron clag regiments to bolster the flank. Meanwhile the goblins on mangy wolves were trying to get round the flank, Morrolan's forces formed into a tight arc and sent out their dogs to try and hinder the goblin's advance.

Then battle was joined, the trolls smashed into the ironclad and rangers, as a giant, and the King's chariot smashed into their flank.

Battle is joined, except for the cowardly flea bag riders.

The fight against the trolls was bloody, but eventually the brutes were no match for the Dwarves skill and tenacity. The dogs seemed to have worried the wolf riders, they hesitated and that was enough for Morrolan and one unit of iron clad to break that flank one unit at a time.

This freed the Bulwarker core of the 23rd to turn to deal with the giant and the king. Eventually all the goblins were dead or scattered. The rabble of archers were still dealing out death and held one of the portals. The remaining dwarves hunkered down to weather the storm. They were too few to advance and break the goblins, but their armour could withstand the arrows until the goblins' quivers were empty.

As the sun set the two forces retreated from the field, leaving many dead behind on both sides. The Halpi 23rd were almost spent. They were sent back through the waves to recuperate on home ground.

The much deminished forces on both sides fight to a stalemate.

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