Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Mirrors in the woods

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VS Dwarfs

King slaying in the Woods, 1200pts

"Lord Crags, there is a strange cave over the far peak"

Crags had sent out scouts, following the victory over the ogres at the Abyss, he was keen to get away with the loot, or possibly add to it, but was starting to think it was a bit too crowded round here with numerous armies gathering.

"Um cave, yes, lets head that way Grutz"

On finding the cave, Crags saw it was pulsing with a strange eldritch glow, and under normal circumstances he'd ve had nothing to do with it, but he was aware of a large force of Salamanders advancing onto their trail, and had no desire to be caught out in the open.

"Into the cave lads, in we go, aye, all of you"

Not hearing any screams, Crags followed the others into the cave. It was wide, and tall, even the giant had no trouble getting in, but despite the strange glow, he couldn't really see much about the cave walls at all.

There was a bright flash, then his chariot was no longer in the cave, but had skidded out into a forest clearing, with the rest of the war-band appearing around him, seemingly stepping out of fresh air.

"Grutz! Grutz, are there you are. Send out the lads, see what they can find"
Grutz and the fleabags rode off into the woods while the rest of the war-band gathered together.

Before long they returned, to report that they were in a strange forest, where there seemed to be a number of "shimmery holes in the air".

Shame the Wiz had been mangled by those Dwarfs a week or so back, he might have known what this all meant. Still, Crags supposed it might be of use.

"Oh, and there is some Dwarfs drawing stuff on the rocks near some of em too boss"

"Dwarfs, right, at em, lets pin em to the trees, and have their beards for ear muffs! snarled Crags.

Goblins head towards the Dwarfs firing on the Rangers.

"Dam, these Dwarfs are hard to see", cursed Crags.
"Close in lads, and get that rock lobber throwing" he yelled.
Not a moment later the first rock smashed through the trees, hitting the Dwarfs that were doing rather well at sheltering behind trees from his arrows, but the smashed wood just added to the carnage as the rock smashed down.

"Yaaarr, right, charge em, at em".
Before the fleabags to crash in, a hail of return fire cut them down, but the trolls and Crags following behind crashed in, along with the Giant, and smashed the remaining crossbow armed Dwarfs apart.

Goblins close in
Giant makes short work of the shorties...

On the far right flank, the fleabags hesitated, distracted by the dogs the Dwarf infantry had released at them, but the mawbeasts crashed in, despite the hounds ripping at them.

The spear wielding Dwarfs and their King made short work of the mawbeasts however, and turned to face the giant, which finally encouraged the fleabags to charge into the fray to hit them in the rear.

Despite the carnage wrote the sturdy Dwarfs held their ground, and skewered the giant.

Crags is optimistic of a swift victory, but the stubborn dwarfs refuse to die

The Dwarfs held their line, and their King inspired them on to charge back into the fray. Crags was now panicky fighting for his life. The trolls stumbled and fell, and the giant and fleabags are no more.

Fortunately, the goblins in the wood and the rock lobber continued to rain fire down on the dwarfs in the woods.

Crags attempts to fend off the Dwarf King

Beset by foes, and swinging his mace to keep back the Dwarf king, Crags manages to strike down the Dwarf Ranger Captain, but the remaining Dwarf warriors still stand firm.

The Dwarf King manages to climb onto the tapped chariot, and swing his hammer into Crags, while the Dwarfs hack up the wolves and driver.

Crags does not appear to rise....

Grutz comes over to see what has happend to Crags

Wondering what had happend to Crags, Grutz strayed too close to the Dwarf king, who swings his hammer into yet another goblin skull.

The goblin spitters continue to rain arrows on the last remaining dwarf regiment, who consider running for the cover of the trees, but hold on.

The Goblins hold the wood, and its shimmery gateway, while the Dwarfs hold one of the gateways in the glade, but of Crags there is no sign...

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