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Take Back Control - Goblin Perspective

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King Smack-Git
VS Elves
Prince Ingemon
Deployment Overview

While the glade they had conquered would need more goblins to begin proper deforestation, that didn't mean they couldn't make the place more comfortable. Not long after their last battle, the goblins had set about repairing the chariots, cutting away branches and placing Elven heads on sharpsticks.

Even so, Grotti-Khan's troops were beginning to get impatient, but the Biggit knew this was the only way to make sure that Mage was dead. Him and that mad Elf with the axe. They had survived their attack, and hunting them through a forest no doubt filled with Elven allies would have been pointless.

This glade had been important to the Elves. Which meant they'd be back. An he'd be waiting.

He was shocked out of his brooding when one of his scouts burst into his Yurt.

"You were right boss, they're coming"


So after we played our previous game, we had time for another, so we switched table sides and rolled up a new scenario (Control). How this scenario works on a 4x4 (the edge marked by Batman dice) is that the board is divided into 4 quarters, each of which is worth 1 point, except the quarter in your opponents left which is worth 2 points to you.

Goblin Deployment 1
Goblin Deployment 2

I deployed my greenskins in two groups, the Fleabag Rider regiment and Trolls on my right, and my Slasher (Basilisk), Fleabag Chariots, Biggit and Fleabag Sniffs troop in the woods on my left.

Elf Deployment

My opponent went for a refused flank, with Kindred Tallspears in the forest, an Archer Troop behind them, with the other Archers next to them against the barricade. Prince Ingemon was positioned behind the phalanx of spearmen while the Elven Mage was between the Tallspears and the Archers.

Goblin Turn 1

The Goblin army moved up, with the shooting troops getting into range.

Since this game was played while good factions got Iron Resolve, any hits scored in the shooting phase were healed back.

Elf Turn 1

The Elves moved up, while the Archers trained their bows on the Goblin Chariots.

The Elven volley destroyed the Fleabag Chariots utterly.

Goblin Turn 2

The goblin right flank continued to move up, the Trolls moving behind the forest and the Fleabag cavalry preparing to hit the archers in the side. The fleabag sniffs backed up to stay out of charge range of the Kindred Tallspears.

Shooting was as effective as it was in turn 1.

Elf Turn 2

The Elven Archers turned to face the Goblin cavalry, while the Tallspears continued to advance. In an odd moment of overexcitement, the Elf Mage moved ahead of the the archers to get in range to Fireball the Fleabags.

Elven shooting managed to put 5 damage onto the spider riding Goblins, but failed to get a decent Nerve roll.

Goblin Turn 3

In his eagerness to get into fireball range, the Elven wizard had put himself into charge range of the Fleabag Riders, who charged towards him in an attempt to overrun into the Archers behind. The Sniffs and the Biggit continued backing up while the Trolls hid behind the forest.

Shooting continued to be a non event. In the Combat phase, the Fleabag Riders dealt 5 damage to the Mage and wavered him.

Elf Turn 3

The Elven wall of spears continued it's advance, the unit nearest the camera using it's sparkstone to disorder the Slasher.

The Archers by some miracle only did 1 point of damage on the Fleabags, but managed to waver them anyway.

Goblin Turn 4

The Trolls turned and moved so as to threaten the flank of the Tallspears. The disordered Slasher, unable to fire it's petrifying gaze (ballista) moved to be able to charge the same Tallspear Regiment next turn. The Sniffs continued to back up away from the Elves.

Shooting continued to be useless.

Elf Turn 4

The Kindred Tallspears Regiment being threatened with a double charge this turn, changed facing to put the Slasher in their front, figuring that the wizard ( who had moved out of the danger zone) could Wind Blast the Trolls out of thier flank.

The Troops of Archers finally managed to see off the Fleabag Riders. My opponent picked up his dice to roll Wind Blast. It was then that we realized that there was a Goblin Flaggit sitting behind the Trolls, making the roll essentially pointless. He cast Weakness on them instead, achieving some level of damage control.

Goblin Turn 5

I did the obvious multi-charge on the Tallspears, even though my Trolls were hindered by the woods. The Fleabag Sniffs Troop and my Biggit moved into the other Regiments flank.

For the first time in the game, the combined fire from the mounted archers put some damage on the spearmen that wasn't restored by Iron Resolve (3 becoming 2).

The multicharge ended up being a dissapointment, with the Elves only taking 5 damage (which became 4 of course.)

Elf Turn 5

The spearmen counter-charged the Slasher, while the other Tallspear Regiment turned in case their friends were destroyed. The Archers turned to face the Trolls as the Elven Prince faced the Sniffs.

The combined fire of the Archer Troops only managed 1 damage against the Trolls. The Hero currently known as Prince unleashed his Sabre-Toothed Kitty on the Fleabag Sniffs, racking up 8 damage and destroying the light cavalry.

In the Combat phase, the Tallspears put 3 damage on the Slasher, which held it's ground.

Goblin Turn 6

The Slasher counter-charged the Tallspears, joined by the Trolls, who regenerated their point of damage.

Grotti-Khan fired at the annoying Prince, putting 2 damage on him (reduced to 1).

Close combat proved much better, with the combined attack on the Tallspears totalling 10 damage. However the presence of inspiring saved the Elf Regiment.

Elf Turn 6

The only movement was a counter-charge on the Slasher.

The Elven Shooting found it's mark, the Archers putting the Trolls to rout. The Mage rolled successes on all 5 of his heal rolls, bringing the Tallspears Regiment down to 4 damage.

In combat, the spearmen continued this turns trend, bringing the Slasher up to 8 damage and routing it.

With the Elf army containing the only scoring units, the result was clear.

End of Game Overview

While it seems like the dice favour whoever is on the other side of this particular table, I was probably over confident after my last victory, and could likely have played a more careful game. Luckily Grotti-Khan survived, no doubt promising to get those pesky Elves next time.

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