Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Take Back Control - Elven Perspective

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Prince Ingemon
VS Goblins
King Smack-Git

Taken from the memoirs of Prince Ingemon, heir to House Enneiros, describing his participation in the great war, commonly referred to as "The Edge of the Abyss Campaign":

The goblins who had driven us from the glade had not pursued us far. Apparently believing us scattered, they were instead securing the area for themselves. It was clear that this was an elite vanguard, whose job had been to take the forest and await reinforcements before commencing deforestation. It gave us a window, and less than one full day after our retreat, we returned to take back control.

Battlefield Overview

For this battle we rolled the scenario "Control". As we were playing on a 4x4 field, the table quarter across and to the right of each player would be worth 2 points.

Left to Right: Fleabag Regiment with Caterpiller Potion, Troll Regiment with dwarven ale, Flaggit (behind trolls).
Slasher with ballista (basilisk with its gaze) in the woods, Chariot regiment with healing brew, mounted Biggit, Sniffs troop.
(Apologies for blurry pic) Tallspears regiment with sparkstone, Tallspears regiment with griffin banner, archer troop (behind) with healing brew, Prince Ingemon + Cat (also behind), Mage Iólon, Archer troop with fire oil.

In the last game the elven formation was spread too thin, as well as being encircled (i.e. worst of both worlds). I decided to accept the inevitable encirclement this game and have my archers anchor the centre, as they would at least be able to turn and get a volley off at the fleabags. My Tallspears meanwhile would move together up one flank, daring a frontal charge.

The elves won the roll off, and once again gave first turn to the goblins.

Goblins Turn 1: Moving into range.

Goblin shooters moved into range, while the fleabags sped down the flank. Shooting wasn't effective, wherever damage was done Iron Resolve restored it (game was played while good were still granted it).

Elves Turn 1: The formation begins to advance.

The tallspears moved up while the archers trained their aim on the chariots. The volley was devastating, cutting them down entirely.

Goblins Turn 2: Fleabags and Trolls threaten the flanks.

The sniffs backed up out of charge range, and the trolls/fleabags continued to outflank the elven line. Shooting was again ineffective, with Iron Resolve preventing any meaningful damage being built up.

Elves Turn 2: Archers turn to face the threat.

Tallspears continued their implacable advance. Elven shooting turned to focus fire on the fleabags, but despite dealing 5 damage couldn't waver/rout them.

Goblins Turn 3: Fleabags charge the Mage.

The (possibly overly ambitious) mage was caught out by the fleabags, who were hoping for an overrun. The biggit and the sniffs continued to back away, but once again shooting failed to make an impact.

The fleabags put 5 damage on the mage and wavered him.

Elves Turn 3: Elven phalanx emerges from the trees.

As the tallspears pushed through the woods, the sparkstone was fired at the slasher, disordering it. The archers rolled very poorly, and were only able to put another 1 damage on the fleabags, but it was enough to waver them.

Goblins Turn 4: The Trolls are hungry...

The trolls, who were hugging the woods to dissuade the archers, moved to threaten the tallspear flank. The disordered slasher moved to be in range for a charge in its next turn. Again the sniffs/biggit backed up, and again their shooting was shrugged off.

Elves Turn 4: Tallspears face the Slasher.

With the tallspears at threat from a combined front/flank charge, it was crunch time. I had the option to turn and put them both in the front arc of the regiment. I thought, however, that I could just wind blast the trolls out of charge range (déjà vu).

The archers finally saw off the fleabags, and I went to wind blast the trolls. Oh dear. The flaggit was standing 1 inch behind them, making any attempt to wind blast them pointless. Looks like the tallspears were facing a flank charge. At the very least however, the mage was able to cast weakness on the trolls.

Goblins Turn 5: Multi-charging the Tallspears.

As well as being weakened, the trolls also clipped the woods and were hindered. The sniffs continued to dance out of range, and between them managed to put 3 damage on the tallspears, so for once Iron Resolve didn't restore all damage.

Rolling for the combat was poor, and only 5 damage was achieved (so 4 with Iron Resolve).

Elves Turn 5: Archers target Trolls, while Tallspears focus on the Slasher.

The tallspears counter-charged the slasher, while the other unit turned to prepare a charge should they fail and fall. The archers focused fire on the trolls but rolled horribly, managing only 1 damage.

The prince meanwhile loosed his cat on the sniffs troop, who went to town, racking up 8 damage and routing them.

The tallspears did 3 damage in combat to the slasher, but with nerve 16/18 it would take more than that to take it down.

Goblins Turn 6: The Biggit shoots at Prince Ingemon.

The trolls regenerated the 1 damage and re-charged the tallspears along with the slasher. The biggit shot the prince and managed 2 damage, which turned into 1 with Iron Resolve.

The combined charge took the tallspears up to 10 damage, but thanks to the inspiring presence of the prince (and an unlucky second roll) they stood their ground.

Elves Turn 6: The Mage Iólon heals the Tallspears.

My dice were crazily good this turn. The archers finally found their aim and took down the trolls. The mage cast heal on the tallspears and took them down from 9 to 4 (that's 5 successes!). In combat the tallspears brought the slasher up to 8 and, despite the inspiring presence on the flaggit, were able to rout the beast.

With only a flaggit and a biggit left it was all over for the goblins.

End of game positions.

From the Prince's memoirs:

Our plan had worked, and the glade was free of goblin filth once more. In the grand scheme of things, and in light of what we all now know about the wider war, this battle may seem small, nothing more than a peripheral skirmish perhaps. To my mind, however, it represented a moment when the good peoples of Mantica once again found their resolve, and more than that, they found it to be iron.

For our efforts, the trees of Galahir yet stood - and we stood with them.

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