Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Dwarvish Ambush

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The Empire of Dust
Eddie Hotep
VS Dwarfs
King Ramhorn
Unexpected face off
Bottleneck butchey
discretion not valour...

Eddie Hotep rubbed his hand over his pounding skull whilst his remaining attendants re-aligned his Jaw bone. He was glad that Cursed priest Highesh had survived the combat, It was quick thinking, climbing upon the lumbering behemoth as it crashed through the surviving Dwarf ranger unit. Although Hotep had a sneaking suspicion that escape had been all the was on the snivelling penitents mind as soon as battle was engaged.

Hotep had been over confident, buoyed by recent success again an army of men, followed by locating an intact 'Idol of Shobik' he did not believe that the sudden arrival of a Dwarf army could cause any serious problem to his plans. He issues a simple order, Charge through, cut down and re-group on the other side of the plain. Who knew that dwarves were so tough.

His forces tried to push through' but ended up being grounded in the press. The last he saw before succumbing to an aggressive troop of Badgers, the Idol was flinging Dwarves through the air whilst the behemoth smashed them into the ground. Then everything went dark and he rejoined the great sleep, until he could feel the call of the cursed priest luring him to fight once more...

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King Ramhorn