Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Grind them to Dust!

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King Ramhorn
VS The Empire of Dust
Eddie Hotep
King Granville Ramhorn's host, with detachment of Herneas' Rangers
The chariots attack Banick Kholearm, while the Rangers tackle the skeleton spearmen. The Idol of Shobik attacks Herneas who is soon overcome
The Berserker Brock Riders smash into the bony horsemen, grinding them to dust beneath their badgers paws!
The dwarfs push deep into the Undead territory, the Brocks attacking Eddie Hotep the leader of the Undead force! The Ironclad move up to consolidate and the Bulwarkers move towards the threat of the Idol..
The Deadly Idol of Shobik vanquishes Banick from the field of battle as the Bulwarkers advance..
Bane chanted by the army standard, Arkwright AmmerAnd, the Bulwarkers crash into the Idol that is the last remaining vestige of Hotep's power

King Granville Ramhorn sat on his granite throne and pondered how best to take the fight to the Abyss. His strategists had pinpointed the weak link as Eddie Hotep, head of the Empire of Dust forces currently encamped on the Ardovikian Plain. 'He has the unfortunate habit of throwing his cavalry into harm's way needlessly Sire' came the voice of his adviser and flag bearer Arkwright AmmerAnd. 'The only goblin in the ointment would be his Idol of Shobik. The thing's monstrous and can cast magic - it's the only thing the Bulwarker lads are afraid of'.

Granville mused aloud. 'We need to keep it occupied while we destroy the rest of the army. Has Herneas reported in yet?' 'Yes Sire. He and his contingent stand ready to do your will'.
'Excellent. Tell them to mount a reconnaissance mission to find that Idol and contain it.'

Arkwright hurried off to give the order and make the preparations to attack. King Ramhorn settled back into his throne satisfied. The Undead would put up some resistance, but he was sure that his lads could handle it. His brother Breville would lead the attack, borne aloft by his flying hammer. The Idol worried him but he had an ace up his sleeve - Banick Kholearm had recently arrived at the gates, pledging his services. His drill should be able to give that Idol of Shobik some trouble....

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