Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Wall Got 10 Feet Higher

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VS Kingdoms of Men

Da Big Plan

After defeating the Brotherhood in the Twilight Glades, Chuckles’ war band tracked the Knights to their camp at the Wall. Chuckles’ confidence had been boosted by his recent victory, and he believed his force could finish off the Brotherhood Knights for good, despite his previous victory largely being a fluke. Regardless, Chuckles’ Fleabag riders tracked the knights as they headed back to their stronghold.
Chuckles was standing on a rock overhand from where he could see the stronghold in the distance, trying his best to look contemplative and strategic and not look hungry. One of his sub-bosses approached from the brush behind him.
“Oi boss! We made sure the knights were in the fort, like ya told us too!”
Chuckles held a curved index finger under his chin in a gesture he hoped looked intelligent. “Good. Dat means we finally have the chance to crush em good!”
“Yeah boss! How we gonna do it?”
“I gots a plan.”
“Yeah? What’s da plan boss?”
The goblin lackey stared at Chuckles with obvious anticipation. There was a long, awkward silence as Chuckles tried to come up with something that would sound convincing.
After a long moment, Chuckles blustered “We’s gonna crush em good! Dats da plan!”
“Yeah Boss! Dats a great plan!” The lackey ran off to tell the rest of the warband about Chuckles’ mastery of military strategy. Chuckles couldn’t help but feel proud, confident, and about half a dozen other things a Goblin had no business feeling.
“This whole being a leader thing int dat hard,” He thought to himself. “You jus gots ta be smarter den all da rest!”

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