Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Goblins won't pay for it

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Kingdoms of Men
VS Goblins

More details to follow as soon as I find time. First turn had some really good shooting from the siege engines on one Giant. I took some hard charges into units in cover, or units with phalanx. The Goblin Trombones and Blood Boil did some heavy damage. The goal of this mission was to get more units on the other side then the opponent. I got a lucky waiver on the unit of Trolls on turn 6 to prevent them from scoring, but the goblin player was able to run two of his characters onto my side, while routing my 200 point character from his side on the last turn. I also had a unit of Villein Initiates right on the line, and they did rout some goblins with spears, and if they rolled 3 more inches after the combat, they would have scored as well It was a very close game right up until the end, but I couldn't hold off the green tide.

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