Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Dark Incursion

VS Nightstalkers

Rallying the Forces

On the march to the Edge of the Abyss, Red Fang's detachment traversed the perilous mountain passes. As night fell the march drew long but the shadows drew longer. Coalescing from the darkness the horrors of the night fell upon the army.

Battle setup after Vanguard movement

Turn 1

The battle lines approached as fire met shadow. Red Scar's Komodon took aim at the hulking beast of shadow to the armies flank but was unable to land a hit on its shifting form. In response the specters of the Nightstalkers sent bolt of shadows to tear at the small Gekkotah, but the held fast.

Turn 2

Closing the gap further the line is held by the Salamanders and their shooting turns up the heat a bit as Red Scar succeeds on a 2-success Bane Chant to grant the Fire Drake Piercing (1). A volley of breath is launched at the Shadowhounds leaving them wavered and nearly dissipated. The Komodon takes another set of shots at the Shadow-Hulk and fails to land but the Corsairs are up to the task and pop 2 damage to the beast's side.

Braced for retaliation the Salamander's turn ends.

The Nightstalkers strike back by sending the other pack of hounds out to flank Red Scar, the fire drake and regiment of Gekkotah. The Shadow-Hulk backs up from the encroaching horde and prepares to weather more fire. Finally the regiment of Dopplegangers flow in and assault the Fire Elementals taking their form. The Specters again took fire at the Gekkotah inflicting minor damage and stared down the fire drake before them. Minor damage also was taken by the Fire Elementals from the Dopplegangers.

Turn 3

Retaliating the Fire Drake and Fire Elementals charge in. The Gekkotah move up close to protect the Fire Drake's flank and Red Scar wheels around to the side of the approaching Shadow Hounds to get a few fireballs in. The left flank holds and prepares to pummel the Shadow-Hulk as it shrinks backwards.

Unfortunately the fight against the shadowy beasts was less than fruitful for claws and fire failed to make much impact on the nightmares. The terrified Komodon continues to fruitlessly lob shots at the distant beast, unable to ignite it. The corsairs do a bit better up close and manage to put a few more rounds into his side as it prepares to surge. With no better results in close combat the tide begins to turn back.

Rushing into combat the hounds tore at the small Gekkotah leaving them scattered and fleeing in terror. The surrounded Fire Drake now was on his own against the encroaching shades with the dark hounds reforming and approaching him on the sides.

The Dopplegangers moved aside to let the wave of Scarecrows roll in to overwhelm the Fire Elementals and their shadowy leader swooped in to get a piece of the action as well. The Fire Elementals held out but with overwhelming forces they were not long for this world.

The Shadow Hulk finally had enough of being peppered with bullets and charged into the ruins the Corsairs were taking cover in. Minor damage was inflicted but the sight of the behemoth bearing down disordered the pirates and left them fearing a finishing blow with no where to escape to.

Turn 4

Fearing a rout the Salamanders pushed on to turn the tides against the terrors. Facing a flank of Shadowhounds he turned to run them down before they could overwhelm him after devouring his smaller friends. Near the focus of the battle the Fire Elementals took one last stand and rushed to the side to take out the leader of the forces rather than face the endless horde of Scarecrows before them. Finally protecting the Corsairs the main bulk of the pathfinders rush in to take on the wounded Shadow-Hulk and put it down.

Before the uninjured Fire Drake the small detachment of Shadow Hounds stood no chance as he tore through them before brazenly turning to face their approaching companions and the Shades he had started work on. Unfortunately the Fire Elementals were far too wounded to even as much as graze the Shade they had made an attempt at leaving them to their certain doom with nothing to show from it.

The Komodon finally worked up the courage and landed a few shots into the Dopplegangers along with Red Fang's fireballs, but not enough to faze them. Though not an overwhelming force, the Pathfinders also managed to score some serious damage to the Shadow-Hulk as they crashed into it.

Seizing the advantage on the Fire Elementals the Scarecrows moved in for an easy kill as they engulfed their last embers. Satisfied the Shade flew off to taunt the back of the Pathfinders currently mired in with the Shadow Hulk.

The remaining hounds had finally caught up with the Fire Drake and assaulted it in conjunction with the Shades to his flank. Unfortunately the drake was a far more sturdy foe than the tiny Gekkotah and stood his ground ready to show these new dogs what happened to their brethren.

The Shadow Hulk's crashing into the horde of Pathfinders tearing at it inflicted some casualties but as many as it crushed or tore at another one seemed to take its place ready for more battle.

Turn 5

With the tide of fate turning against the Salamanders one more push could give them a chance to turn things around.

Continuing to tear at the Shadow-Hulk the Pathfinders surrounded it and continued their assault. The Corsairs regrouped and set up along the other side of the ruins to protect their flanks from the turning Scarecrows and readied their pistols. Finally the Fire Drake lunged forward to take on the Shadowhounds.

Red Scar and her Komodon continued to try and bombard the Dopplegangers to no avail. Fortunately the Fire Drake managed to land some devastating blows against the Shadowhounds leaving them scattered but still standing and reforming as the Shades readied their shadowbolts.

Finally the horde of Salamanders swarmed at the Shadow-Hulk but were unable to bring it to its knees though it was obviously losing its cohesive form from the pummeling.

With the battle swinging their way the Nightstalkers continued their assault into the dwindling Salamanders. The wave of Scarecrows rolled into the Corsairs hiding behind pillars to drag them away. The shade seeing Red Scar spring from behind the rocky outcropping to blaze the Dopplegangers turned and flew across to battlefield to engage their leader one on one.

The Shades now freed from tangling with the Fire Drake loosed their dark blasts at his flank spilling blood and scales but only managing to enrage the beast further as the Shadowhounds were barely recovering from their fist bout with him.

The Shadow-Hulk continued it assault with much the same result as before though the numbers were beginning to dwindle. Unfortunately the crafty Corsairs managed to hide well enough among the pillars leaving only a few easier targets for the Scarecrows to engage but the dread was real enough that they still were beginning to scatter and break ranks to flee.

Turn 6

As the battle drew to a close time had run out for the Salamanders and they tried their best to salvage what was left on the battlefield. Looking to finish off the Shadow-Hulk they returned to combat once again with the Pathfinders as the Corsairs prepared for their last stand against the Scarecrows. The bleeding Fire Drake ran in to take on the remaining Shadowhounds and claim a pyrrhic victory on the flank while Red Scar and the dark Shade continued their duel.

The Komodon managed to land one last lucky shot on the Dopplegangers with enough force to scatter and decimate the shapeshifters.

Easily finishing off the Shadowhounds the Fire Drake turned to the Specters to stare down it's last opponent. Red Scar took a few swings at the nimble Shade but was unable to connect. Finally beating the Shadow-Hulk within an inch of its life the Pathfinders looked to prevail only for it to summon a burst of dark power and stand strong against the tide ready to deliver it's death throes to the unit.

The unfortunate resilience of the Shadow-Hulk

With the battle all but won the Nightstalkers pressed down on their crumbling foes. The specters took aim and felled the ravenous Fire Drake with a volley of shadow bolts while the Scarecrows flooded into the ruins and cut down what remained of the corsairs.

The final burst of strength from the Shadow Hulk was not enough to disperse the Pathfinders but left them severely wounded and a dark touch from the Shade left Red Scar with another battle scar and a reminder to fear the night.

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