Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Air raid survival

VS Elves
End of Turn 1. Lightning bolt from Dark Phoenix (Dragon) damaged Dragon Kindred Lord, Bolt Thrower damaged Drakon Riders.
End of Turn 2. Dark Phoenix and Drakon Riders with oil moved at the double, Elven Mage threw fireball at the Dark Phoenix. Bolt Thrower damaged Drakon Riders and they charged Abyssal Riders.
End of Turn 3. Dark Phoenix flew on the hill, lightning bolt from him caused little damage to Dragon Kindred Lord. The leftmost Abyssal Riders moved out of the charge arc. Abyssal Riders with Wine routed Drakon Riders. Bolt Thrower caused little damage again to Dragon Kindred Lord and was routed by Drakon Riders. Dragon Kindred Lord moved backwards and exhaled at the Dark Phoenix. Elven Mage threw fireball at him.
End of Turn 4. Dark Phoenix drained soul of the Dragon Kindred Lord (just a little) and survived another fireball from Elven Mage. Abyssal Riders with Wine charged Drakon Riders with Oil but was routed by counter-charge. Dragon Kindred Lord charged and routed another unit of Abyssal Riders!
End of Turn 5. Dark Phoenix charged Dragon Kindred Lord, but failed to rout him(( I've rolled 3 after Inspiring re-roll, and Dragon Kindred Lord has 13 damage... So close, but still not enough to waver him. Dragon Kindred Lord routed him by counter-charge.

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