Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Voracious Buzzsaw

2000+ POINTS
Forces of Nature
VS Orcs

Amongst the burning trees, the final battle ensues...

As Mhorgor approached the Forest of Galahir once more, he took in the horrifying sight. Ever since the ritual to protect the forest had failed, the forces of evil had managed to once again control and destroy the home of the Green Lady herself. Looking out onto the horizon, smoke filled the sky. Miles long stretches that once were home to a lush, overgrown forest were now little more than charred wreckage.
Goblins could be seen for miles, scouring the landscape hacking and destroying. Setting fires where they could, cutting trees dozens of feet tall to the ground. Mhorgor's army marched solemly, worn by the green skin victory in Rhyn Dufaris. They were everywhere, it would seem the New Great Khan had made close allies with the vile Orc Skull Face in weeks prior.
From the smoke a horse like figure strode into view. It was the legendary centaur Flaxhoof himself. His own chosen had fallen in many of the battles, and there were few left to take their place. While the forces of the Green Lady held strong in the Twilight Glades, everywhere else in Mantica hung in the balance. Mhorgor looked to Flaxhoof, who was covered in blood and sweat from long days of hard battle.
"We have fought hard brother. But not hard enough. Look around, we are losing our home." Flaxhoof spoke to Mhorgor. "We need your aid. I am down to a few common striders and some salamanders. Everyone else is gone. The green skin threat has pushed us past the breaking point. We are losing everything!!" He spat, as he looked to Mhorgor with tears in his blue eyes.
"I have brought reinforcements Flaxhoof. The time has come for the final battle. For control of our home once more. If we lose this, we lose everything. The forest will have been over run, we will be pushed to the surrounding lands." Mhorgor replied. Flaxhoof gave a grim nod and looked to the burning forest.
"This is our last hope. Let us end this once and for all!" He exclaimed to the regimented centaurs standing behind him. They cheered a warcry, as the Glade of the Late Gryphicorn mobilized for battle once more, unsure of when their relentless enemies would meet their final demise.

Scenario: Scavenge 2500 pts

Terrain Left to right: Forest x3, Height 0 lake, Forest, Height 2 Hill, Forest, Height 0 Lake, Obstacle, Height 3 Hill. The objective markers are Right in front of the Left forest one right in front of the height 2 hill in the center, the right objective is near the obstacle.

Nature deployment left to right: Centaur Bray Strider Regiment, Flaxhoof, Beast of Nature (LB6), Salamander Regiment, Naiad Horde,Greater Fire Elemental, Druid on foot (Vicktoria), Earth Elemental Horde, Hunters of the Wild Regiment, Salamander Regiment, Mounted Druid (Mhorgor), Four Wing (BoN, Fly, LB6, V+2), Two Wing (Same), Pegasus (The King Fisher).

Orc Deployment Left to Right: Troll Horde, War Drum, Great Axe Regiment, Grumtongue's Legion, War Drum, Axe Regiment, Orcling Regiment, Great Axe Regiment, Flagger, Troll Horde, Giant (Killa Kan), Giant (Killa Kan), War Drum, Gore Rider Regiment, Gakamak, Gore Rider Regiment.
We roll for turn 1, and nature wins the roll. The hunters of the wild take their vanguard move to move within 3" of the center objective. When the game begins, they scavenge a loot token, then back up slightly. On the left flank, Flaxhoof jumps over to the left of the centaurs, while the beast of nature puts 24" between himself and Gakamak. The naiad horde makes its way into the forest followed by the elemental core and Vicktoria. Smaller advances on the right flank, as the beasts move up with Mhorgor himself.

Sorry for the shadows in some of the pictures. Here is a picture of where Flaxhoof moved to, lightning strikes, deals 3 damage to Gakamak, and outright kills the furthest right wardrum. Nature turn 1 ends.

Orcs turn 1, the orcs make a full forward push toward the nature lines. Gakamak on the left flank takes cover behind the right hand gore rider regiment. With no shooting to bring to bear, the orcs first turn ends.
Nature turn 2, Flaxhoof and the centaurs go into the left hand gore regiment, do a decent amount of damage, but fail to break them. The beast of nature backs up a bit to stay out of Gakamak's Charge range. The Naiads Move up to engage the lines, while the salamanders next to them move up to take a charge, unfortunately they were just out of charge range. The fire elemental charges the axe regiment and puts some damage on it. Although I wasnt expecting it, my opponent left his legion very vulnerable, nature decided to strike with the earth elementals and the hunters of the wild to the front, while the two beasts of nature plow into its flank. The Legion routes, but Two Wing is in a bad position for next turn, most everything else is safe.
Orcs Turn 2, this is when things take a turn. On the left hand flank, the left gore riders charge flaxhoof while the right gore riders charge the centaurs that were unsuccessful in their intial charge (Those Gores have 9 wounds on them...) in their flank. Gakamak and the left hand giant charge the salamander regiment.The naiads take a triple charge from the right hand giant, the left hand troll horde, the left hand great axe regiment, take about 11 wounds and hold steady. The axe regiment goes back into the fire elemental and does 5 damage. On the right Flank, the troll horde and the great axe regiment on that side charge into 2 wing and waver him.
On the left, the Gore Riders put 8 damage on Flaxhoof and route him (8 twice!) and overrun into the centaurs. Needless to say, with gore riders to the front and gore riders to the flank, the centaurs also meet their demise. They gore riders turn to face the lines. Now, at the end of Orc Turn 2, Gakamak, 2 regiments of gore riders and a giant were all facing down the left flank of the army. The salamanders also route. Nature needs to clean up the right flank quickly, or things are going to end poorly.
Nature turn 3, The naiad horde counter charges the Great Axe regiment. The Greater Fire elemental side steps to the right, while the earth elemental horde and the hunters of the wild regiment combo charge the right hand axe regiment. On the right hand side of the battle, Two Wing is wavered and blocking Four Wing's line of sight to anything, so Four Wing jumps behind enemy lines to help the Kingfisher out in shooting. The salamanders charge the Troll horde on the right.
In the shooting phase, the greater fire elemental does 1 wound to the orcling regiment with his breath. Vicktoria casts bane chant on the hunters of the wild, while Mhorgor uses soul drain on the Great Axe regiment and manages to heal 5 damage off of Two Wing. Four Wing and the Kingfisher both put shots into the great axe regiment, unfortunately they do not do enough damage to route them. In the melee phase, the Naiads fail to break the center great axe regiment, the right hand axe regiment routes to the combined charge of the earth elementals and the Hunters of the wild. On the right flank, the troll horde survives the charge of the salamanders. On the left hand flank, the Spawn charges the badly wounded gore rider regiment and fails to do a single wound!! Nature is truly in trouble at this point.
Orcs Turn 3, as expected, many units in the center team up on the naiad horde. Two Giants in the flank, Gakkamak in the flank, and Great Axes to the front.
The beast of nature on the left, because he whiffed, took a flank charge from the gores, and also a front charge! Hmm... Where have i seen this trick before?
As expected, the Naiads take approximately a bajillion wounds. I took this picture so that we could laugh hilariously if it was double 1s. Unfortunately for me, no such luck and the Naiads route.
This is a picture of the board after the Orcs turn 3, and as you can see things are looking pretty bleak for nature. On the left flank, the beast of nature routes. In the center, the Naiads fall. On the right, Two wing takes another charge from the Great Axes and breaks. The Troll horde counter charges the salamander horde and also destroys them. Yikes.
Nature turn 4, The hunters of the wild go into the great axe regiment that already has about 7 wounds on it, does about 15 damage, and yeah, you are seeing the trend. Double 1s of course! The hunters bounce. Four Wing and The Kingfisher fly towards the center of the board to hopefully keep the center objective contested in the following turns. At this point, nature has a loot token on both the earth elementals and the Hunters of the wild, while the orcs hold 0. If we can just hold on a bit longer, it may be a victory after all.
In the center, the greater fire elemental sacrificially moves up to the left hand objective to contest it and ensure that Orcs cannot scavenge a token from it.
Orcs turn 4, The greater fire elemental gets ganged up on by a Troll Horde and a giant, While the orcling regiment charges the earth elementals in the flank, and Gakkamak and a Giant go into the front. The Hunters of the wild take a double charge from the Troll Horde and the Great Axe Regiment that refuse to die.
On their 4th turn, the orcs expectedly route the fire elemental, however in the center, My earth elementals had yet to have been hurt, and were sitting on 20 nerve (we have some campaign bonuses and such) He does 9 wounds to them, rolls an 11 twice to route them. Well, there goes that plan ;) The hunters of the wild are still alive here in this photo, but unfortunately i didnt catch a break there and they also route. At this point, considering how many units he had left on the table, we call it. Even if both Four Wing and the Kingfisher were to grab tokens, the sheer number of orc units would ensure their defeat, not to mention that they were in vulnerable positions any way. The victory goes to Skull Face and his mighty Orc Town!

After Thoughts

K2 played a great game, and I made some mistakes. In the beginning, with no blocking terrain on the board, I definitely should not have deployed so far stretched out. There were several heart breaker rolls coming from K2 this game, and I just couldnt gain enough traction to counteract them. That being said, K2 played very tight, giving me no opportunities to pull myself out once i had clearly lost the advantage. Well fought battle, i'll get him next time!

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  • SKULL FACE says:

    SKULL FACE is pleased with this report and invites the Green Lady and Mhorgor to the grand opening of the new Galahir ORC MART.

  • ThelegendaryGryphicorn says:

    I might have to look into the mantic forums, might be a place to post them. Sounds legit!

  • Lit Wick says:

    I’m with @Keef Ditchards. These are some of my favorite narrative reports of the campaign thus far. Gotta love a good combination of fluff and battle summary.

    I’d actually suggest the Mantic forums for battle reps. It’s user-friendly, and people are generally WAY more mature there than on other forums I’ve used.

  • ThelegendaryGryphicorn says:

    Thanks! I know, if I could use this website just to make battle reports I would do it all the time! Unfortunately, I am technologically inept, so maybe YouTube or something? Not sure yet. Ive got 3 more to report, but they are from the campaign day, and I was running it and cooking, so I didnt have much time for pictures 🙁

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Inspirational stuff. Man I’m going to miss these reports once the campaign ends.