Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

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VS Orcs
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So, this game found my Salamanders somewhat misplaced from their expected environment in the twilight glades, facing an equally lost orc warband. I'd recently got curious about how well an ancient heavy list would perform, so that's what I went with, supported by Artakl and mages providing ranged support and an Ankylodon. The end result was a somewhat smaller more elite force than I'm used to, and it was a little intimidating to be looking across the board at multiple hordes and a legion, but my doubts were to prove ill founded.
Deployment saw the bulk of my infantry focussed on the left flank advancing on two objectives, with the Whispering scales holding a third in the woods and covering the flank of the main force aided by an Akylodon and my ranged characters.
Early turns consisted of manouvering, with token ranged attacks from the Orc Skulks doing more wounds than expected, but not enough to count for much. Cautious of the forces arranged against them, my centre held back, content to ping the orclings with ranged attacks from the Ankylodon. One key event was the loss of a troll horde, which exposed its flank moving to make room for the fight wagons, and got routed by a good nerve roll.
While the legion was kept from counterattacking by it's large frontage, the fight wagons ran over a regiment, but were in turn crushed by a threefold charge from tyrants, ancients, and the salamander clan lord. At the same time, the Orc attack in the centre stumbled as the cavalry failed to rout the Ankylodon and wavered at the counterattack, whilst another good nerve roll saw the Krudger perish to focussed shooting and the trolls were stalled by a brave but not very bright troop of Ghekkotah.
Later turns saw the Orcs unable to recover from these early setbacks, with the Tyrants free to clear the back objectives of Orc Skulks to end holding one of them, a regiment of ancients removing the orclings from another, and the remaining ancients teaming up with a flanking troop of Ghekkotah to wear down the legion. The trolls endured fireballs and Artakl's shooting for two turns to hold the only objective for the orcs, and with three held by the salamanders the game ended in a solid victory.
Quite pleased with the ancients, it was certainly nice having so many fearless units and melee 3+ made it a lot easier to attack over an obstacle, something which my more usual 4+ infantry often struggle with. The troops in particular do a lot damage for a small unit, which was a useful boost in several combats.

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  • Tecuani says:

    I don’t think it’s just you, Diadochi-I don’t use many infantry hordes myself because I’ve found that most of them have similar problems, particularly if I’m depending on them to do significant damage. It’s hard to avoid powerful charges, by multiple units, and usually your opponent rather than you gets to choose what they can attack. In a game like Kings of War which has hard limits on how much a single unit can do, it’s just difficult to make a large and slow moving unit efficient.

  • Diadochi says:

    Great report sir! and thank you for the enjoyable fight.

    @Myriad628 – agreed, I’ve found the orc legion difficult to use, whether it’s my lack of experience or it’s huge 25 cm frontage who knows?

  • Eddie Hotep says:

    Nice Map graphics.

  • Myriad628 says:

    yay Arkatl :). Now go save the other forest . That orc legion does seem to be a bit unwieldy