Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A Great Wall!

2000+ POINTS
VS The Empire of Dust

Although the Outcasts managed to stop the army of Night Stalkers, the Twilight Glades fell under control of the forces of evil. That pushed Elven army away from that theater of the conflict and the units once again embarked on their ships to set sail. Ardovikian Plain seemed like a good rally point but as the seas were already full of Undead fleets, one of them pursued Elves to the new shores.

Armies arrayed for battle

Empire of Dust army silently followed the orders to chase the Elves and go deeper into enemy territory. If successful they may even threaten the now advanced construction of the Great Wall. Elves, on the other hand, hoped that they could at least draw the enemy into a trap and outmaneuver them in order to destroy their ships.

Empire of Dust in refused flank formation

Elves began with the outflanking maneuver on their left flank and engaged in shooting duel on the right. Despite being able to avoid one of the units of Guardian Archers, the other was doing a lot of damage to exposed and fragile Elven units.

After some attempts to destroy the enemy with ranged attacks, Elves decided it is better to commit to melee. The Behemoth and Pharaoh were both distracted and main attack went against Revenants who were destroyed after vicious fight.

First wave of the Elven attacks

With the hole in the battle line of the Empire of Dust created, Elves now had more opportunities to exploit the advantage. Their shooting was not for nothing as the High Priests were occupied with restoring Revenants to full strength and could not help other units. That meant that damaged Guardian Archers crumbled to dust when Elven cavalry attacked them. This in turn allowed Elven units to methodically surround and destroy regiments of Mummies.

Elves start surrounding the next enemy unit.

Pharaoh and Behemoth were tied in melee with Palace Guard and although one unit finally perished and the second barely held, they bought enough time for the rest of the army to defeat all enemy units with the exception of Bone Giant and Priests. That was enough to outmaneuver the foe and Elves succeed in destroying one enemy fleet too.

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  • Swordmaster says:

    @ King Ramhorn

    Thanks a lot! I am glad you like the report! I pity the campaign is almost over as I would love to add more games. Cheers!

  • King Ramhorn says:

    This is pretty much the ideal bat rep – pics, descriptions and diagrams, plus fully painted gorgeous armies!

  • Swordmaster says:

    @Keef Ditchards
    I would love to provide more reports but I am not sure if I can play more campaign games 🙁 I hoped I would be able to play all scenarios and I am one short at the moment. In any case, I will do my best to continue adding more on the blog after the campaign is over.


  • Swordmaster says:

    Thank you! It was a very nice battle too and I admire my opponent who enjoyed the game even when his army started losing units.

  • Swordmaster says:

    @ Marwin
    Thanks! I am really glad to know that you like both, the report and the army. I hope to write a full version of the report soon so if you are interested in more details, please, check the blog: https://swordmasterofhoeth.blogspot.com.au/

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Give us more Swordmaster. A delight to read.

  • Bloodwild says:

    Very nice batrep!

  • Marwin says:

    Very detailed, high-quality battle – and the army is beautiful! By the end of the campaign, as I see the quality of the reports has increased, it pleases.