Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Defence of the Glades

2000+ POINTS
The Varangur
VS Ratkin
The Rat Swarm
The Forces of Varangur
Start of the Game - Rats went first

Early on in the game nothing special happend, some casualties on both sides.
The Warlocks, Death Engines, Snaaer Clan (Girls in purple ;) ) and Magus Conclaves unleashed their Energys and Arrows.

In Round 2 the Regiment of Warband was the first victim to the filthy Warlocks. And the first Rats where eaten by the Tundra Wolves.

In Round 4 and 5 the Ratkin routed both Mounted Sons of Korgaan Regiments. In the meantime the centreline of the Varangur, based arround the Horde of Warband began to get the fight into the middle of the Battlefield.

The Ratkin took control over the left flank (1 objective counter) and the Varangur the right flank (1 objective counter). The last horde of Ratkin Warrios stood upon the center (1 objective counter) and the Warband Horde couldn't break their efford to hold it.

So there was the only chance that Korgaan would be in the favour of the Varangur this time. And there was the 6 on the die for a 7th round.

It was a tough fight for both sides, in the last round (7) the Varangur managed to overcome the Ratkin and turn the wheel arround.
After the Ratkin couldn't break the Varangurs will to praise Korgaan for the favour he gave to them, the Magus Conclave unleashed their powers one last time and routed the Ratkin Warrior Regiment on the left flank. So the combined powers of the Warband Horde and the Cursed Son could break the Warrior Horde in the middle and obtain the object there.

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The Varangur