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Forces of the Abyss
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Target sighted!

So there I was at Mantic HQ #ManticMonday
And it was time to face off against Andy with his new, not-even-in-production-yet Undead Wyrm. Unfortunately he had the rest of his army with him too, so a tough game in prospect.
We played mission 5 so it was an invade game with no special rules for our armies.
Andy deployed his fast hard hitters on hiss right flank, so that's werewolves, revenant cavalry and the wyrm all bunched together. His hordes of zombies and revenants were deployed in the middle, and the wraiths were behind them. The left was deserted.
I went for a spread of succubi troops (4!) all across my line, with the abyssal guard reg just right of the middle, and the lower abyssal horde just left of the middle. Characters in support for inspiring.
The efreet and the abyssal champion with lightning focussed on shooting the wyrm for much of the game, with the champ charging later on to keep the beast on the ground. In turn 7 the efreet finished the job and burnt him to a crisp.
Andy's werewolves and cavalry did a good job of beating up the abyssals deployed opposite them with the zombie horde in support, and ultimately these units won the game for Andy with 8 points of unit strength in my half of the board.
I got my abyssal guard and one troop of succubi into his half and killed the wraiths and horde of revenants to take 3 points of unit strength.
The clear weakness of my army was a lack of big units, I only started the game with 9 points to Andy's 15, but it's a work in progress so useful feedback.

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