Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Zen and the art of tarpitting

2000+ POINTS
The Empire of Dust
VS The Varangur
Andrew G

The Empire of Dust is scouting the enemy positions around the Abyss, when a whole bunch of guys on horses show up to hassle them!

EoD deployment, Left to right:
Chariot Horde
Crossbow regiment
Skeleton Regiment
Soul Snare
Skeleton Horde
Revenant worm rider regiment
Revenant regiment
Revenant Troop
Revenant Leader on worm
Mummy Regiment

Varangur Deployment (from EoD’s left to right)
Raider Regiment
Direfang regiment
King on Chimera
Sons of Korgaan Mounted regiment

And sooo many troops of wolves and Raiders. So many, you guys!

The fight on the EoD left went… poorly. The Scavengers were shot away by Raider throwing axes, the Scorpion bounced, and the chariots murdered a unit of wolves, and was then combo charged into oblivion. The Pharaoh rushed over and held up one of the regiments in order to buy time

On the right, the Varangur charged some wolves into the mummies front, and some raiders into the mummy flank- they did a decent 10 wounds, but the mummies held. And then the Revenant leader, and revenant troop started flank charging everyone. In two turns, the only Varangur left was a mounted sorcerer, who was being chased by the leader while benny hill music played.

On the right-center the Sons of Korgaan ate the revenants and skeleton horde. However, those two speed bumps had put a few wounds on the Sons. And that’s when the Sons had to choose between taking a flank charge from the mummies, or the mounted revenants I had held in reserve. They chose the revenants, and died screaming.

The left center was an exercise in weird dice rolling. The Crossbows and Snare killed one chaff unit. The second unit of wolves charged the Crossbows- and did one wound. The crossbows countercharged, did 4 (!?!) wounds on the wolves, but rolled a 2 to break them. The wolves charge again and do more wounds, but roll poorly to break . The skeletons charge again, and do no wounds. The wolves charge, don’t break the crossbows (although they have 10ish wounds on them at this point). Finally the crossbows break the wolves, right on turn 6. The other odd thing was the king on chimera, who charged the skeleton regiment on turn 2. He did not kill it until turn 5- they had the snare and the priest healing them. And when he finally killed the skeletons, the reinforcements from the right flank killed him. Final score: win for Dusties!

My faith in Skeleton regiments remains high.
Dice are weird. This entire game was mostly me and my opponent fighting our own dice, more than the other player.

Nekheremet wiped the chimera blood off his sword while the weaklings galloped away as fast as they could. "Things are looking good” he told the Priestess of Isis, whose name he should really get around to learning. “We have learned much of their dispositions” she cooed back. “Where to next?”

“To the Ardovakian Plains. We are to disrupt any possible mortal reinforcements.” If he had eyebrows, Nekheremet would have frowned. Do you know how hard it is to get Chimera bits out of a 3000 year old sword?

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The Empire of Dust


  • King Ramhorn says:

    Varangur are tough. Well done.

  • Mark Cunningham says:

    Nice fun bat rep

  • NickGittins says:

    I kinda like the soul snare. It is about average for a warmachine (it will do 2 damage a turn on average). However when the battle lines clash, and warmachines don’t have line of sight to anything interesting, it can heal my guys.

    Not super-amazing or anything, but a decent choice.

  • Bloodwild says:

    Fun write up, I actually pictured the Magus running around to Benny Hill music. 🙂

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    This made me laugh of loud:
    “And sooo many troops of wolves and Raiders. So many, you guys!”

    Made my day. Thank you! 😀

  • AlQuds says:

    Thanks for the write up and pictures! I am curious how satisfied you are with the Soul Snare as I find it a bit too costly and a bit difficult to use because of the Reload!

  • ChopperHarris says:

    the dice can be your friend, but more often not so friendly.

    Like the narrative at the end and good job with the win.