Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Terun-Ra the Tattered vs The Host of Lord Arundosh

2000+ POINTS
VS Dwarfs

Terun-Ra was feeling unseasy in the forboding forest as he watched his shambling minions march forward. Well as uneasy as a dried out corpse could feel. He had no real interest in helping the dark forces of the abyss with their work but the the perverse necrotic powers were just to sweet to resist. One of his vampiric spies alerted him of a Dwarven host in persuit.
He was not surprised he knew they would come. He did raise their king to serve him as a revenant. A crusty smile formed in his face "More bodies for my revenge..."

-This was my first game at 2000pts. I ran two hordes of Skeleton Spearmen. My opponent placed his hordes badly at the setup it took him till round 5 to finally do anything with them. It was to late then my undead cut though his forces like a hot knife through butter.

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