Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Final Battle Between Gods and Beasts...

2000+ POINTS
King Ramhorn
VS The Varangur
Vrugark the despoiler, Countess Brass
Brave Elf allies hold the left flank against the brutal cavalry
The brutal Ogres and Varangur finally show their true colours for the Abyss!
Bulwarkers hold the centre. Steady lads!
The heavy cavalry destroy a regiment of Ironclad and turn to face the threat of more dwarfs and Forest Shamblers..
bane chanted Palace Guard and brave Ironclad charge the horsemen and rout them!
The enemy centre is not to be trifled with...
Elvish shooting was effective out of all proportion to their numbers this day..

King Ramhorn was relieved to see that the Green Lady had sent some Elven troops to his aid. After the incident with Brunnhilde, his army was deep in Abyss territory and had captured some Godstones, whatever they are! They had to make a fighting retreat and the stalwart Elves had answered the call.
The Varangur and Ogres (notoriously fickle) had finally shown their true colours as evil monsters and were marching to destroy the dwarfs. The heavy cavalry. steaming down the flanks were held up by the Ironclad who sacrificed themselves to delay the advance. Greville Ramhorn was a thorn in the side of the enemy spellcaster but did not manage to slay her....The elven shooting neutralised that of the Ogre Boomers and the Drakon leader and Breville Ramhorn double teamed the Shooters to gain a Godstone.
The forces of good won the day and scattered the evil doers to the four winds, the Varangur making a particularly hurried retreat!

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King Ramhorn