Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Save the Dwarfen...erm....Princess?

King Ramhorn
VS Nightstalkers
Lord Aetherwold

Brunnhilde, a dwarfen princess of great, erm, beauty had been captured and taken to the very Edges of the Abyss... A childhood sweetheart of Greville Ramhorn, he feels beholden to rescue her and feel her soft beardy kisses once again.
The fiends that had captured her looked like elves but their eyes were black and dead and their forms appeared not entirely stable, as if they had shadows inside that looked to escape from any orifice.
As usual the dwarf line held well. Despite the early loss of the Ironclad, the elite soldiers holding the princess were routed by missile fire, and the evil tree spirits, though tenacious were eventually routed by Herneas' patrol for the loss of one ranger unit.
Breville Ramhorn, Berserker Lord of Legend slew a huge dragon beast that day as well as some mighty flying beasties that were reduced to jam by The Sandwich Maker. His brother Greville fought the mighty flying lord to a standstill, almost finishing the job started by the vicious Brocks.

Alas! Tragedy! The Bulwarkers, thirsty for blood, charged the mounted fiend who had swept her up and put him to the spear. But in the turmoil, the princess was herself impaled upon the Bulwarker's spears, pushed into harms way by the fiend when he realised the battle was not to be his....

Much dwarf mourning greeted the end of the battle, with the only satisfaction to be gained that of putting the foe to the sword and hearing the keening noise as the shadows left their bodies...

The calm before the storm....a strangely fertile area of the Abyss...
The evil fiends, disguised as elves, grab the dwarfen erm....Princess and try and get away
Rangers clash with Evil tree spirits in a thicket!
Bronze Bessie charges her hydraulics ready to mash skulls!
The berserkers on their snarling brocks target the flying beastie for Termination with Extreme Prejudice!
release the hounds!.....erm hound. Greville and Breville The Flying Brothers, confer before deciding which foes to smite.
Breville Ramhorn, the Kings Brother, wielding 'The Sandwich Maker'. Alas few pictures were taken of him in action, due to his immense swiftness..

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