Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Battle to End It All

2000+ POINTS
Forces of Nature
Keef Ditchards
VS Nightstalkers
Mr. Easter

The Green Lady watched as dastardly alliance between the Dark Kin and the Undead were marching forward at a steady pace. The feared Undead army banner of the Rosentods promised death to all that stood before it. Ever since the Undead and the Dark Kin temporarily put their differences aside, they started to be a real thorn in the side of the forces trying to contain the evil coming from the Abyss. The Green Lady had seen a opportunity to stop this alliance from doing more damage and planed to stop them here and now. Briefly she wondered if the fresh inexperienced forces at her command would be enough against the fearsome foe in front of them. No matter, it was time for action.

So we played a multiplayer game with the forces of Nature teaming up with a continget of Dwarfs to stop an evil army of Undead and Twilight Kin. This was the first game of Kings of War for the dwarf player known here as Beardy MacFishpup and also my third game as well. The scenario we used was the "The Battle to End it All" from the campaign book.


As per the scenario Set up rules we alternate deploy armies in our own squares.

Opposing forces deploy and yell insults at one another.

Turn 1

Forces of good start the game by taking pot shots at different units and managing to waver a crossbowmen unit. Forces of Evil respond by moving up in search of positions to attack in the following turns.

End of Turn 1.

Turn 2

Turn 2 starts for Forces of Good by moving the elementals slightly forward. Sharpshooters damage a few units and wavers the Dark Knights.
The Wraiths charge a unit of Sharpshooters in turn 2 for the Forces of Evil. Rest of the armies move up as well.

End of Turn 2 for the forces of Good.
End of Turn 2 for the forces of Evil.

Turn 3

The Dwarf King and Berserker Lord both charge. The King hitting the ghouls and the Lord moving into the Revenant Cavalry. The sharpshooters respond to the wraiths in front of them by trying to hit them with axes.
The Dark Knights charge the Hunters of the Wild and destroys them. The Soul Reaver Cavalry makes a sneaky move and poses a threat to the flank of the Forces of Nature. Other units move closer to the enemy as well.

Dwarf King kicking but.
Twilight Kin moving in.

Turn 4

In turn 4 the Dwarf King charges the Reaver Guard, the Berserker Lord charges into the Wraiths and all the Earth Elementals charge the bait unit in front of them. A unit of Ironguard charges into the Soul Reavers in the flank. All Charged units are removed except the Soul Reavers.
In Evil turn 4 the Zombies charge and kill the Berserker and the Skeletons charge the Ironguard. The Twilight Kin gang up on the Greater Earth Elemental and take it down. The Revenant Cavalry also charge the other unit of Ironguard.

Turn 5

The Forces of Good knows this is a pivotal turn. One unit of Earth Elementals charge the Soul Reavers in the flank while the Ironguard catches them in the rear. The other unit of Earth Elementals charge, together with the Dwarf King, into the remaining Reaver Guard. The other Ironguard unit on the left hand side charges into the Revenant Cavalry. This is where we completly whiff our attacks and do next to nothing.

The forces of Evil take advantage of their good fortunes and take out units piecemeal after this in the following turns.

The beginning of the End!

In the end 1255 points are scored by the Evil side and 815 by the Good side. For a more comprahensive report either read Poisontails report on
or on his blog:

The Green Lady on the Dwarf King looked into each others eyes knowing the day was lost. Saving what was left of their forces they fled to a safer location. The forces of the Evil might have won here but the War was far from over.

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