Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Princess on the run

2000+ POINTS
VS Goblins
Alone in the center of the battlefield and... screaming

This battle was part of third round of International campaign day. Both sides had to safe or capture princess. The princess staid in death center of board and screaming.
We had special our special characters:
I had my loyal mage Commander Avatavarno the Stormcaller (horse, he has bane chant (2), lighting bolt (5) and Stormcaller staff (healing brew + inspiring talisman + Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet) and increase defense on 5+).
My opponent had goblin wiz on fleabag with De 5+, bane chant, blood boil and unknown item (+2 lighting bolt, rallying (1) and Myrddin’s Amulet of the Fire-heart).

Overwhelming command was heard on the battlefield: "Catch her!"
In first moment, Avatavarno froze on the spot and just didn´t know what does it mean. But then he saw alone figure running. "It was princess, kings daughter! What treachery is this!"
Mage commanded his unit to safe princess, but form other side already charged goblin horde, yelling obscene suggestion what they are going to do with the princess.

Goblin´s deployment. Ready to charge for princess and yelling obscene suggestions.
Elves moved to safe the princess under heavy rain of goblin´s fire.
Goblins won the contest, but not for long... elven spearmen crushed them and saved the princess.
... But not for long. Under heavy fire they fall like leaves in autumn. And goblin´s hordes march forward.

Alone in death center of battlefield, between corpses of goblins and elves, for this moment forgotten by both sides which were busy to tear up the other, princess was screaming...

Trolls reached top of the hill when they were cut by valley of arrows and lighting bolts.

After the death of trolls, commander Avatavarno took on to rescue princess before goblins realize that they had the trophy at their fingertips. But when he reached her and was prepare to take her something impossible happen. Her talisman exploded and tore her into pieces! Mage was thrown from his horse to the side of nearby building and passes out. His surviving soldiers were able to safe him before a madness swallowed whole battleground.

We couldn´t finished this battle and had to end at the fifth turn, but we concluded that I could easily finished both wounded units of trolls and still seize the princess. Major factor was that two goblin´s catapult were unable to shoot because their position to remaining elven forces.

Elves WIN!

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