Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Nightmare in the ancient woods

2000+ POINTS
VS Undead

Nightmare in the ancient woods

Coming to the edge of the ancient woods was all a scare. A place full of greenery, sun, and life was everywhere in the dark, with a cloud of fog that covered the disfigured ground. The source of this desecration was easy to recognize. In places most damaged, there were dark cracks in the surrounding area.

The elves wanted to heal up these rifts immediately, but they were disturbed by the shrill footsteps of the opposite forest. The clearing became even more obscured by the presence of utter desecration of life, the leeches absorbing the precious life of Mother Nature. Under the horrific flag of the vampire lord on the dragon was a collection of monstrosities in the form of zombies, ghouls, skeleton skeletons, lethal ghosts, and vampire riders.

Before the elves could move from the initial horror, the flood of the undead moved forward as an unstoppable wave. Years of discipline prevailed over horror, and with the support of the Green Lady, they set off to attack. The archers on the left flank, supported by aggresive melody of army bard, fired a salvo for spetres. The arrows filled with mysterious force cut through the misty ghosts and scattered them all the way. Another salvo mow down the undead rider like a grain. On the center, the two lines moved cautiously against each other, so that they did not expose their sides to the other side. The right wing gradually pushed the vampires to the center of the undead, causing confusion. The overall situation looked hopelessly in the form of a half circle of undead encircled elves. But then a horrible moment came in the form of murderous ghosts, who were pushed by unclean spells to a magician, who was tear up from the inside of a on the right wing. Then they attacked next to a standing riders from the side. The shadows were immediately destroyed, but the damage was already done. The undead got the necessary time to return the strike. The elven horsemen were then scattered around by the brutal assault of the vampire dragon. Meanwhile, the elven center line cut through a number of zombies. Another heavy blow was the jam of heavy cavalery, the palace guard and the shooters in the impenetrable horda of heavily armed skeletons who did not hesitate and masquerade the cavalery. Only the heroic endurance of the palace guard and the self-sacrifice of the elven princess stopped the next move. Long enough for the rifts to be close. At that moment, undead lost the taste to fight and departed from the fight. The elves were exhausted by a rigid struggle, and were unable to pursued.

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