Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Ice and death

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VS The Empire of Dust

Unwelcome company on a road

Commander Avatavarno the Stormcaller, in short Mister Storm, was sent with his patrol as vanguard of main force. Before We could reach Forest of Galahir, we went through high mountains of Dragon Teeth. All was under drifts of snow and advance was slow. My force reach mountain plain when we faced with unbelievable sight. On the other side of the plain there slowly advance desert skeletons and bone giant.
Maybe they are on same mission like us or just harass our progress, I thought. Even the thought race through my mind, we were spotted. There wasn´t time for different approach, so we attacked them!

Pre-battle comment:
We used our special heroes for weekend - International Campaign Day. They aren´t in armylist. I am presenting them here:

My special character: Commander Avatavarno the Stormcaller
He is elven mage on horse, he has bane chant (2), lighting bolt (5) and Stormcaller staff (healing brew + inspiring talisman + Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet) and increase defense on 5+

AlQuds special character: name unknown :)
He is Empire of Dust Cursed high priest on foot, he has healing (4), surge (10), unknown item (amulet of fire-hearth + shroud of the saint + banner of the griffin)

My pre-battle strategy: As always AlQuds deploy his unit in tight cluster to cover his vulnerable units. Only small detachment of archers remain on left flank. My deployment was based on two things. First was type of AlQuds´s deployment and second was scenario rule, that evil player must start the game.
So my units was little bit scatted around center and prepared t o received charge. The heavy cavalry served as flanking force.

Empire of Dust - deployment
Elves - deployment
Empire of Dust - 1. turn
Elves 1. turn

First turn was general advance on the undead side and manoeuvre my left wing to flank enemy force. The small detachment of skeleton archers was thorn by lightnings. (they were without inspiring)

Empire of Dust - 2. turn

AlQuds realized that he didn´t need the left side of the table at all (majority of terrain was on right side). So he used middle forest as cover for his force and my cavalry wasn´t placed so well after all :)

I didn´t take photo of my second turn and AlQuds´s third turn. So here is what happened.
In my second turn my cavalry reach middle forest outside line of sight of Worms and outside reach of bone giant. After this cunning move I noticed that Revenant champion could charge my cavalry. But I was so pleased by myself that I underestimate him and thought that I can lure kill to my trap and easily manage other units... foolish elven pride :)
AlQuds´s third turn. Revenant champion charge my cavalry and wound them for 2 wounds. Worms were placed for charge to cavalry next turn outside charge range of nearest palace guard. Bone giant was sent by surge to flank cavalry in next turn. The revenant horde and skeleton pirates slowly advance forward.

Elves 3.turn

The begging of my third turn was harsh surprise for AlQuds. My cavalry was able bypass revenant champion and made flanking charge on bone giant. My princesses charge worms to prevent charge on my cavalry. Right palace guard moved forward to provoked charge from revenant horde on my conditions. Then came surprise for me... horrible. Both of my mages was unable cast bane chant on cavalry and cavalry inflect only 4 wounds... so no even to cause nerve test!?! Maybe elven sense for sportsmanship :)

AlQuds´s fourth turn. Bone giant counter charge my cavalry and inflected 7 wounds but didn´t waver them. But they were doomed anyway again such monster. Worms devoured my brave princesses. Revenant champion spit on my general and waver him.
My fourth turn. My cavalry desperately counter charge bone giant and was boost by bane chant. By miracle of gods they slayed the beast by mighty blow!!! Mages cover behind left palace guard and archers target enemy general. Hit him like snipers for 4 wounds. Scared him for his life for the rest of battle. So card tun in my favor!

Empire of Dust - 5. turn

AlQuds´s fifth turn. Worms charged my left palace guard and revenant horde charged right palace guard. The pirates turn on my cavalry and wound them for another 3 wounds and waver them. Both guards winstand undead assault even bloody charge.
My fifth turn. Right palace guard bypass revenant horde and made long flanking charge on worms. Left side palace guard counter charded the worms. They executed the worms.

Empire of Dust - 6. turn

AlQuds´s sixth turn. Revenant horde moved to the right side to secure both terrain (rock and fence). The pirates moved on left flank of right palace guard and bombard them by explosive. Then they were surged by priest to flank of right palace guard. The guard collapsed under such brute assault.
For me, it was lucky, that AlQuds didn´t shoot on left guard and charged on right guard. He could easily destroyed both of them.
Revenant champion spit on my cavalry, but gods guarding hand deflect this with easy (no wounds).

My sixth turn. Left palace guard charged skeleton pirates and my archers made flanking charge on them too. It wasn´t piece of cake, but they were able to destroyed this explosive abomination.
Cavalry moved backward for seized forest.

Empire of Dust - 7. turn

AlQuds seventh turn. Revenant champion again spitted on cavalry and again it was deflected by gods protecting hand :)). Horde of revenant just moved to right side.
My seventh turn. Cavalry kill revenant champion to saved him from his frustration and other units hold their piece of terrain.

Elves hold 8 points and Empire of dust only 6 points. So Elves were victorious!

Post-battle thoughts. This battle was madness. Both of us made lot of mistakes and dices were just crazy :). In first part I was hard pressed by undead force, but then card turned and everything was oppositely. The lucky cavalry was blessed by gods or I don´t know what was it :)

The clash was bloody and fast under cloud of snow. Commander saw many of his men died there, but they were victorious! They hold their stand. They pursued the rest of skeletons, but blizzard covered their tracks.
Commander Avatavarno the Stormcaller know, that they will meet again and then they will see who will win at the end...

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  • PoisonTail says:

    Thanks! Will keep that in mind!

  • Kasumi says:

    Yep, it is simple the cost of magic items:

    Mage ………………………. 75 points
    horse ………………………. 15 points
    Lighting bolt (5) ………. 45 points
    Bane Chant ………………..15 points
    Talisman of inspiring … 20 points
    Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet …. 25 points
    Healing brew …………………5 points
    200 points¨
    Plus De 5+ as scenario improvement.
    I could used Myrddin’s Amulet of the Fire-heart instead of healing brew for some situation, but i didn´t have 5 points to spare and sometimes is healing brew useful (he is quite fragile.. even with De 5+)

  • PoisonTail says:

    (Following your link) That is a really cool colour scheme! It comes very much alive in the icy scenery. I like the “special characters” concept, might try it out at some point. How did you calculate the points? Is it simply the cost of magic items?

  • Bloodwild says:

    Great batrep! Very cool to see others using the Campaign day commanders.

  • AlQuds says:

    Not easy to fight the elves on their ground and under a protection of some higher powers. The Green Lady must have been with them. 🙂 Just finished my report of the battle, was almost as exhausting to go through my painful memories as was the battle was itself. 🙂

  • Kasumi says:

    Thanks, it wasn´t easy :). It was exhaustive battle for both of us.

  • ChopperHarris says:

    good battle report another win for good