Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

International Campaign Day - 1A - Sneak Attack

VS Elves
Mike Deter

The Free Dwarves of Clan Kenaz invaded the territory of the elves and were victorious!

The Dwarf armies marched slowly across the battlefield, all while weathering a hail of arrows and spells. When the Dwarves finally reached the enemy’s land, the Wall of Iron held steady against waves of Elven infantry. The Elves, friends to a Tree Herder were able to bring the very trees in their land alive, as Forest Shamblers emerged to threaten the flanks of the Dwarf infantry; however, wild Dwarven Berserkers, mounted fast upon their giant badgers, were able to smash the trees to kindling. Dwarven Rangers were able to fire their light crossbows with amazing accuracy across the entire battle, constantly damaging and wavering a troop of Kindred Archers, but thanks to the constant healing of a nearby Elven Mage, they survived until the end of the battle. The mounted Elf King and a regiment of his Palace Guard were forced to deal with a flanking force of Ironclad, but were unable to break them before the end of the battle, and because the Dwarves were able to bring so many troops across the field, they were victorious!

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