Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Battle of the Six armies (final battle)

Kingdoms of Men
High Exemplar Nathaniel Black
VS The Empire of Dust
The Mountain Gremlin

Many thoughts went through Samuel Grimm's mind as he donned his armour and checked his sword. He hadnt been home in at least a month, though it felt like a year. His aid, one of the Villains checked and rechecked the straps on his armour, belt and saddle. Samuel climbed onto the back of Swift Wind and nodded his thanks to the Aid.
Samuel rode out to where his men were assembled in a rough battle line. He looked to his right and saw the Salamanders and Dwarves were doing the same. He had bearly set a reven to the order before his orders were to link up with a ground of allies and martch on the Abyss.
"Men! Brothers! Today we take to the field for one last time! We will either be victorious or fall valiantly trying. We stand today with Salamander and Dwarf both for today we aim to take back in blood what was lost. For every one of us that has fallen, take ten of there's. We stand united as one. We stand for our watch has not yet ended! Death!" The cheers was taken up by every throat and lung. As the cheer died down the horn from the Salamander and Dwarf line blaired. Samuel quickly blew his too and sent his men forward. The old enemies of The Empire of Dust were holding this flank and he and his were tasked with their destruction. No is the time he thought.

End of turn 1: general advance.
End of turn 3 (forgot a pic for 2)
End of turn 4
End of turn 5
End of turn 6 and end game

The remaining Empire of Dust fell back and Samuel looked over the fallen body of his beloved creature. His death hurt more than the other loses. However his death was not in vain as he saw the enemies across the field fell back. He took heart in that fact that while there were heavy loses the evil forces were in full retreat.
"Victory! Victory my brothers!"

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Kingdoms of Men
High Exemplar Nathaniel Black