Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Battle of Bloodied Grass

Kingdoms of Men
High Exemplar Nathaniel Black
VS The Empire of Dust
The Mountain Gremlin

The Battle of Bloodied Grass

The Morning Sun was barely peaking over the tree tops when Samual Gimm, Exemplar Hunter of Brotherood lined his meagre forces up on the banks of a small stream. Accross the plain he saw the shambling form of the Empire of Dust, why they were so far north he did not know or care he knew that their salvaged trebuchet would need to be held in the small woods to his left to keep it from harms why. With his archers set up and his spearmen on either flank he gave the general order to advance. His initiates, some ten of a former forty quicky headed up the right side to stop the Chariot archers from getting into range. His faithful Dragon Shadowscale dove into the cluster of trees ahead where her dark scales would aid in the coming fight. Luck appired to be on his side as the archers struck down the cursed priest in their first volley, the eldritch glow faiding from his eyes. The luck however would not last as his spearmen wherr cut down though not one turned to run.
When the battle was finally over he, his dragon and his archers were all that was left. The siege weapon must have been the intended target as once it was destroyed the Empire of Dust began to retreat. Samuel knew his forces were in no state to give chase and began the task of seeing to the dead and wounded on their side and that the fallen Skeletons remainds so. This has been a victory but at what cost? Even the Ordo Muri Montis could not sustain these losses for long.

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Kingdoms of Men
High Exemplar Nathaniel Black