Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign


2000+ POINTS
VS Ratkin

This was my third and final game against the foul rat men, after two losses i was seeking blood, so naturally i changed my army to take two dragond in my 2k list, let the field flow with rat blood!
This game was alot more brutal and direct, a dragon flew against each flank, one managed to attack the closest flank right into the side of the shock troops, the soul reaver cav punched right into the front line with a unit of reverents with shields eating away a unit of ratkin shock troops in a single turn.
The far flank was slow but successful my second dragon dodging warp cannon fire to strike home against the enemy artillery and leaving himself open to multiple flank charges.
The game was quickly over after the ratmem loosing each flank to dragons and the centre to soul reaver cav and a horde of elite undead troops.
In the final turn the enemy demon spawn was pinned down by a legion of zombies and the last of the shock troops were fending off flank charges to dragons and soul reaver cavalry.
This was game 3/3 after 2 back to back lossses so i hope people can forgive the double dragon build :)
-Also i think this is the fist game to upload without a photo bug showing other peoples photos, so it sould be easy to follow allong.

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