Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Nightstalkers vs Basilea

2000+ POINTS
VS Forces of Basilea

A rematch with NICKL. My force stayed the same, but he had switched out some of his fast units for a solid infantry core. Really solid - the sisterhood had CS2 with vicious. We played occupy, the red crosses are the primary objectives and the yellow are secondary. It was no way near as close as the first game.

Whilst I managed to keep the Paladins from doing much damage, I struggled to deal with his flyers and Gnaeus. I had hoped the Butchers could finish the paladins, but the Phoenix rescued them with a good heal roll. My spectres did really badly this game. The one above average to hit was against the injured Elohi - and they failed to do any damage. In total they only did 2 damage that stuck (with Iron resolve healing back 2 more). I only managed to kill the 2 footguard units.

I think I made a mistake charging the 'crows into the sisterhood - I think I should have tried harder to get a surge charge on the Elohi, to try to pin them in place.

I'm now considering dropping a unit of butchers and taking a shade instead. This will give me a bit more flexibility to put a couple of wounds where needed, and more options for dealing with flyers.

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Forces of Basilea

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