Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Game 1 Edge of the Abyss

2000+ POINTS
Forces of the Abyss
VS The Trident Realm of Neritica
Frostys Abyssals
Ed Herzigs Trident Realms

I (the abyssal player) deployed in a corner & ED (the Nertican) deployed mostly in the opposite corner but with a detachment of a Knucker, Riverguard troop & Tidal swarm directly infront of me (I guess as a harrasment/delaying force

I had first & headed out towards the detachment staying out charge ranges..
Eds first turn he moved his main force towards me diagonally across the table & held back his detachment force.

My 2nd turn I charged & breath weapon the detachment in It either wavered or died by turn 3 I had wiped out this detachment & turned my whole army to face the oncomming Netrican main force.

Unfortunatley for Ed I killed his delaying force so quickly his main force was like a deep column heading into the full focused force of my army.. even though his Placoderms headed the column even they could not withstand the focussed breath weapons from my Chroneas & Efreets. after I had destroyed 50% of Eds force for no Abyssal losses, Eds Netricans fled the field.

There was a quite stark contrast of dice fortunes in this game I think all my nerve rolls were 10+ and Ed rolled Snake Eyes twice!! (no wonder he gave up.. it just was not his night!)

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Forces of the Abyss

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