Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

In the Nick of time

2000+ POINTS
Abyssal Dwarfs
Darth Toiletroll
VS Elves
Nick Harris

This time I played nick again. He had changed his army to a horde of archers with the jar, two battle standards (one on a steed, one with the healing charm), a regiment of knights, two troops of silver breeze, a king on dragon with the boots of levitation (nasty bastard), a drakon lord, two hordes of drakon riders (one with pathfinder).
Ba'su'su started by moving up ready to charge multiple targets only to be charged by the silver breeze (for no damage). He then ignored the silver breeze to charge the elven knights to do 5 damage and bugger all in the waver. This turned into a pillow fight where Ba'su'su would do four wounds on average per turn, only for iron resolve to heal one and the battle standard two or three a turn (twice he rolled three ones only to convert them to 3 4+ because of elite).
The silver breeze were destroyed by the two hordes of golems that left them out of the flank charge the dragon was trying to set up. The slave orc gore riders moved up my right flank and drew away the drakon lord and the pathfinder drakons ("60 points pulling out about 400 points of drakons, kill them, no shits given). They were eventually eaten by the drakons over two turns, like I said I don't give a crap.
The dragon lord charged a dragon fire team and bummed it to death, meanwhile it combined with the one immortal guard on the left flank released a rabid puppy and burnt the other troop of silver breeze and moved on to one of the objectives. This regiment eventually charged into the rear of the knights after a rather unsuccessful flank charge into some golems, and proceeded to turn the horse skulls in to toilet bowls. (This unfortunately took them of the objective they were sitting on.
the dragon moved up to breath attack a regiment of immortal guard doing five wounds. this back fired as the iron caster, fire breath and two other rabid puppies did 12 wounds to the dragon and promptly rolled 10 twice (8 of the these wounds were from the rabid puppies).
one of these regiments were rear charged by the pathfinder drakons, who them=n charged into one of the hordes of golems. 8 wounds and rolled 10 (I though I was in inspiring range, I forgot that they are not my rhordia and I'm not very inspiring, d'oh).
the greater golem attacked the other drakon after they charged him and then charged the drakon lord after they both charged him (he wavered the drakon lord). He was eventually shot off by the horde of scumbag archers. The drakon regiment was killed by the horde of pathfinder drakons.
My other horde of golems had charged the horde of archers and did 10 damage. Nick then realised it was his turn 6 and he had not bothered with objectives. I had one and contested his, so he flew his drakon lord off to one of the objectives and rear charged and counter charged the obsidian golems to try and reclaim the contested objective. 32 wounds inflicted on the golems and you guessed it, DOUBLE ONE. Hahahaha
Turn 7 was needed by him, he rolled a 2. the Abyssal dwarves got a draw in the Nick of time from Nick.

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