Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

ICD - Herd vs. Goblins

The Herd
Dan Dourney
VS Goblins
Steve D.

To change things up a bit, we played the Hilltop defence scenario from KoW:Historical.

Unfortunately for him I was playing my Herd and the Hills rule did nothing to slow me down. Steve had 1,000 points of Goblins (more like Trolls) and since I was attacking I had 1,250 points of Herd.

Goblins and Trolls stay on the high ground.
Grogger Split-tooth shoots a few arrows at a Beast pack but misses them.
The Goblin Wiz Gulbagath, throws a Lightning Bolt at the other Beast pack, wavering it.
The Herd make a swift advance acrosss the battlefield.
The Centaur Bray-Hunters take a few shots at the Troll Bruiser but fail to hit him.

Grogger againt tries to shoot, this time at a larger target, slightly injuring a Lycan regiment.
Gulbagath throws more Lightning at the Beast pack, this time finishing them off.
Both Lycan regiments charge a Troll horde, wavering them.
The Centaurs and their Chief Firemane, barely hurt another Troll Horde.
Beast pack charges into Grogger's Goons, barely doing any damage to the Goblins.

Gulbagath hits Firemane with a Lightning Bolt, nearly wavering him.
Grogger's Goons counter charge the Beast pack, routing them.
Grogger and a Troll Horde obliterate a Lycan regiment.
Troll Bruiser fails to live up to his name after charging the Guardian Brutes.
Firemane charges Gulbagath, breaking his concentration.
Guardian Brutes counter charge the Troll Bruiser, wavering him.
The Harpies charge Grogger, nearly wavering him.
The Lycans charge the Trolls, wavering them.
The stampede charges Grogger's Goons, completely running over them.

Herd crashing into Goblins

Grogger and a Troll Horde charge the Harpies, routing them.
A Troll Horde charges the Stampede, slowing but not stopping it's momentum.
The Stampede crushes the silly Trolls.
Lycans charge the Trolls, wavering them.
The Guardian Brutes finish off the Troll Bruiser.
Firemane uses his Diadem on Gulbagat, forcing the Goblin Wiz to stop, drop and rout.
The Centaurs charge Grogger, but he stands his ground.

Goblins and Trolls routing all over the place!

A Troll Horde charges the Guardian Brutes, wavering them.
Grogger charges the Centaurs doing very little damage.
Firemane and the Guardian Brutes charge the Troll Horde, wiping them out.
The Stampede and Lycans charge the remaining Troll Horde, completely crushing them.
The Centaurs counter charge Grogger, but fail to damage him.

All alone, Grogger shouts his defiance and retreats to fight another day.

Herd Victory!

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The Herd
Dan Dourney