Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Hokh man victory

2000+ POINTS
VS The Varangur
End of turn 3
End of game

Upon receiving a request for aid from the Ahmunite allies to the east, Croathus dispatches an army to help secure the beaches at Hokh Man, sending one of his trusted Revenant Kings to raise an army of undead from the thousands of corpses that now litter the sands along the great winding river that cuts through the desert.

Upon arriving, the king quickly delves deep into the sands and calls forth a great undead wyrm along with plundering several ancient tombs and enlisting the restless spirits within. With this army built the new undead host marches to secure the ships of the Ahmunite fleet.

Along the way they are intercepted with an army of Varangur raiders seeking to find spoils from the trinkets carried by the dead of the Ahmunite tombs and in the ensuing battles the ranks are swollen with the newly acquired corpses from these foolish northmen that have wandered so far from their home.

Turn 1 saw an overly cautious advance from the Varangur forces, he moved both troops of hounds up slowly and advanced his left flank up gently to prepare for the coming actions. On the undead turn the archers managed to land a few wounds on one troop of tundra wolves but not much else, everything else advanced as quickly as the shambling hordes would allow (which is not very fast) without breaking formation. The Revenants moved to try and change position but there wasn't enough room to accomplish much.

Turn 2: The varangur advanced slowly once again, the Fallen on the one flankmanage to charge out and hit the first troop of mummies but don't do very much damage, on the other flank the mounted sons and the other horde of Fallen are trying to find a target, but hold back as there is nothing but chaff in front of them. In the Undead turn the archers waiver the one troop of tundra wolves, effectively blocking in the bloodsworn behind them. The archers then surge forward to stand directly in front of the middle section while the Revenants once again try to jockey for position. The cursed Pharaoh lands directly in the devourer's flank so that it cannot see him and the revenant king charges the barrow wights in the flank and deals 9 damage, but fails to route them, but does waiver them.

Turn 3: Herja charges the Revenant king from behind, dealing 6 wounds, but not routing him. The Devourer blasts the Cursed Pharaoh and does 4 damage, but doesn't waiver him. The fallen on my right flank and the mounted sons charge the zombies but fail to pop them. The un waivered unit of tundra wolves attacks one unit of archers and kills them. In the undead turn, the remaining unit of archers shoots the previously waivered unit of wolves and waivers them a second time. The revenant king charges the fallen with the pharaoh and pops them. The zombies attack the unit of fallen and only put 2 points of damage on them. The mummies hit the unit of mounted sons in the flank and waiver them. The zombie trolls hit the unit of tundra wolves that killed the one unit of archers and pop them.

Turn 4: The Devourer charges the Revenant king along with Herja and they fail to waiver or kill him. The mounted sons have fury and so counter charge the mummies, but fail to kill them. The Fallen charge the zombie legion and manage to pop them. The Bloodsworn sits behind the waivered unit of tundra wolves. The undead turn dawns and the barrow wights rear charge the Devourer with the Revenant king charging his front and the cursed pharaoh charging the skald behind the devourer. This results in the devourer and the skald being routed in one turn (even though the end game picture shows them still there, it's just because we just moved them to the side). On the other flank the revenants and the mummies charge the Mounted sons and pop them and the Zombie trolls charge the magus on the hill, killing him. The archers fail to wound the tundra wolves this turn.

Turn 5: Herja again charges the Revenant king and fails to kill him. The tundra wolves finally kill the archers. The fallen charge the revenants but don't do near enough damage to even consider routing them. The bloodsworn sit in the same place that they have all game. Undead turn sees the second troop of mummies waiver the wolves, and the unit of trolls hit the Bloodsworn behind them, causing 9 wounds but not enough to waiver them. The Revenant King and the Wights charge Herja and waiver her. The revenants charge the fallen but don't do enough to pop them.

Turn 6: The bloodsworn charge the trolls but don't do enough to route them. Herja doesn't do anything, and the fallen fail to route the revenants. The undead turn sees even less because nobody does anything and the game ends there.

Varangur routed 350 points of undead
Undead routed 1105 points of Varangur.

Solid Undead Victory!

The raiders broke before the undead onslaught and fled west towards the Twilight Glades. Not content to let them flee, the Revenant King pursued them in their flight, catching them on the most easterly portion of the Glades where the forest was still thin and the desert's persistent sun was beginning to diminish.

(My friend set up a second game right after this one that we played in the Twilight Glades after this game).

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