Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Hunting in the hills

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VS Dwarfs

Crags sat in the dank cave, nursing his slashed arm, and quietly cursing the dwarfs that had left him in this predicament.

"Go into the high hills" the Wiz had said, "and there he shalt find great rewards!"

Well, the Wiz had been hacked to bits by Dwarf Rangers, though Crags felt that was too gentle a fate for the failed seer.

It had started with a hail of Crossbow bolts falling into the fleabags, as they advanced into the pass. The trolls were lurking behind the spitters in the woods, and seemed unwilling to come out.

In the end, Crags had done the unthinkable, and charged his Chariot into combat first, while the rest of the horde tripped over each other in their haste not to join in.

The rabble horde got excited when the massed ranks of Dwarfs closed in but failed to break the iron clad warriors, and were skewered by Dwarfs welding long spears.
When the trolls finally joined the fray, they missed the short enemies, swinging their clubs over the short warriors heads, and were in turn made into kebabs on the Dwarf spears.

Crags seeing the way things were tried to retreat to call on the reinforcements, but has chariot was shot to bits by a Dwarf sniper,and he was forced to flee on foot

Now if only those Dwarf hunting parties would clear off, and let him find the giant Bork. He will surely squish the Dwarfs and let Crags get the vengeance he desired.

Pre-battle snap of the Goblins raiding an abandoned tower.
Dwarfs set up ready to ambush the goblins, formations taking a very solid "Nick Williams" position.
Goblin Deployment, note the "trapping" of the trolls behind the spitter horde in the woods.
Fleabags take cover in the woods after a volley from the Hunters
Crags charges his chariot in, but fails to break the Rangers
But he manages to hold out against the Dwarf infantry.
Rabble charge in, while the centre holds back (wavered ).
Demise of the rabble.
Goblins regroup, Dwarfs close in.
Crags attempts to flee, but is shot down.

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