Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Onto the plains

2000+ POINTS
VS Ogres

Crag's was pleased with his new chariot, and even happier with the growing following of Goblin lads trailing along in his wake.
The Troll , Ugins, was a real nasty bit of work, but Crag's was careful to have the two Goblin Wizs with him when ever he had to deal with him, and Ugins was happy as long as there was something to eat, and Crags was happy, as long as the something was not him.

The warband had headed out from the Forests, and across into the wide Ardovikian Plain, hearing tales of booty to be found in the numerous human encampments that were busily scraping rocks into piles.

With the scouts reporting siting such an encampment, the war-band drew up, only to be surprised by Ogres charging out from behind a low lying hill.
Seeing the speed with which the ogres advanced, Crags was at first worried, then smiled, they were coming at him in small groups, and his numerous goblin lads would surly overwhelm them.

On the left flank a Giant and Mammoth came hurtling out of the woods. Crags ordered the goblins to hold firm and fire upon the brutes. Curling round beside them were a small band of Red Goblins on fleabags, but they foolishly rushed into the range of a war trombone, and didn't last long.
On the right flank, another Red Goblin fleabag troop rode out, but a few well aimed arrows by Biggit Nibs sent them running for the hills. Then the real joy, the ogres with great big bows had walked out onto the hill, in-front of Crags fleabag riders. They whooped and charged them down, ripping them asunder.

In the centre, the main Ogre force advanced more slowly, with some Salamander allies. The goblins facing them held back, watching the Mammoth that had now charged over the low hill, smashing aside a war trombone, before crashing into the spitter horde, whose arrows had plainly had no efffect upon this beast.
The giant also crashed into the the Goblin lines, hitting a few of the rabble into the sky. Bork, Crags giant seemed confused, and simply watched the ogre giant as it mangled up the goblins.

Over on the right, an ogre warlord waving a giant axe, hacked into the fleabag riders, who darted around to avoid him, then as he massacred one regiment, the other hit him in the flank and ran him down, leaving their way open to ride behind the ogres lines.

In the centre the lines finally closed, with the Sharp stick Legion marching forward and holding back a combined charge from Ogres and Salamanders. They hit back at the ogres, causing them to question their decision to attack the goblins, but the salamanders pressed on, and hacked into the flank of the Legion, scattering the lads.

Not to worry though, as the Trolls came crashing in on the salamanders flank, who despite the massive casualties turned to face, and attempted to cut them down too, but the trolls shrugged off their minor wounds, and ripped the lizards apart.

Ugins joined the fight on the other Salamander regiment that had taken the place of the mammoth in attacking the spitters (the mammoth was now a nice smelling lump of cooked meat, thanks to the war-trombones and a few well placed arrows from Crags himself.

Bork the giant was woken from his stupor by the ogre banner bearer, hitting him in the side, so Bork ground the little guy into the dirt, then noticed the lizards had chased off the goblin spitters so smashed into the side of them as well.

Despite the carnage wrote by both the giant and huge troll, the lizards kept fighting, their brains too slow to realise they were dead maybe.

Crags realising that there were now no troops in-between himself and these foolish lizards, whipped his wolves into action, and moved the chariot to shoot at the giant still trying to swat the goblin rabble.

As the ogre giant fell, and the last of the lizards finally realised it was dead, just one band of ogres was left, in the centre of a small clearing.

Trolls, fleabags and Maw-beasts all charged in, for one final killing spree.

Right, now off for that juicy human encampment, ah, it had been a good day!

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