Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Holding back the tide / The Final Battle 3600pts (3x 1200pts)

2000+ POINTS
VS Abyssal Dwarfs
Andy/ Mountain Gremlin/ Night Haunter

Final Battle, fought with 3 armies per side, 1200pts in each.

Cragatar- Salamanders, High Exemplar Nathaniel Black- Brotherhood (Kingdoms of Men), Morrolan- Dwarfs.
Andy- Abyssal Dwarfs, Night Haunter- Abyssals, Mountain Gremlin- Undead.

I was hoping to add more photos later, but may find the campaign has run its time, before we get to that point. Handing over to Cragatar for the full update.

The army of the 65th Cohort was under the command of the Ghekkotah Artak.
She had been tireless in her pursuit of the denizens of the Abyss, finding allies where she could, but throwing all the resources that the Salamanders could muster into the fray to stem the dark tide as well.

She sensed that the pivotal moment was coming, when the forces that were moving were finally bringing the last of their efforts to fruition, and that the time to stop the swelling wound of the Abyss was now, or never.

A scouting force had managed to push deep into the inhospitable terrain of the mountains surrounding the Abyss.
Artakl had led them through hidden passes, and deep behind enemy lines to strike at the heart of the opposition. In the long march, they had encountered a bedraggled but still functioning column of Knights, sworn members of the Brotherhood, who had avoided the fate of many of their brethren, and who still fought on in the hope of holding back the Abyssals.
Coming to them form the East, she also made contact with a deep striking Dwarf force, with a fearsome Earth Elemental, and an erstwhile Hunter who's skills Artakl acknowledged when she observed the Dwarfs laying ambush to a band of their twisted kinsfolk.

Gathering these three armies together, they formed a solid force that could possibly strike a telling blow in the name of the Green Lady, and throw the daemons back into the pit from whence they had spawned.

Spying the foe, the Daemons of the Abyss were formed on the right flank. The Dwarfs moved to take up positions from where they could hold them back, and rain down crossbow bolted destruction upon them.
The Twisted Abyssal Dwarfs were in the central ground, and Arakl took it upon herself and her kin to hold that vital central ground. To the far left, along an old corrupted river bed, were the forces of undead, under the command of an ancient cursed High Priest from the old Empire of Dust. The brave Brotherhood formed against this threat.

Seizing the initiative, Artakl urged here kin forward, with the Salamander Primes marching onto the central mount overlooking the field of battle. She herself ran into the shattered remains of a once fine woodland, sheltering behind the massive form of the Earth Elemental. From here she hoped to strike out at the Daemons as they advanced towards the Dwarfs.
The Dwarfs also shuffled forward, with their crossbowmen holding back.
The men of the Brotherhood made little forward progress, hindered by the rivers rough terrain and fear of the undead before them.
In return the forces of evil moved cautiously up, but were reluctant to commit to the fray.

This gave Artakl the chance she hoped for, as she fired upon an Efreet, but unfortunately the beast of the pit found its vile blood immune to the venom in her darts.
The Ancients on Rhinosaurs charged into the Abyssal Dwarfs, who shuddered, but held under the gaze of their King. The sneaky Gheekkotah hunters managed to smash into the flank of a regiment of undead horse archers, who were also beset by a Beast fighting for the Brotherhood. Together, they smashed the old bones to dust again.

The evil anvil then closed in, with the Ancients on Rhionsaurs falling to overwhelming Abyssal Dwarf numbers. The rest of the centre held back the evil Dwarfs though. Artakl herself was beset by lithe female daemons, but managed to dodge back, though heavily wounded.

The Earth Elemental charged in and smashed the lithe deamons asunder, but the rest of the Dwarf force were too far back to yet join the fray.
In the centre, Salamander and Abyssal Dwarf were now locking in deadly combat, with death all around.
Finally, the Deamons on the flank added their fury to the attack on the Salamander Primes in the centre, sealing their doom, but sparing the Dwarfs and allowing them to ready for revenge.
On the far flank the Brotherhood had thrown back the forces of undeath into the ground, apart from the ancient mummies of fallen kings, who fought on, along with some foul flying carrion that circled overhead. The Ghekkotoah Hunters were fighting with fury against these unholy undead creations as well.

As the clouds of ash parted, Artakl was struck down, and had to fade into the gloom to recover. The last of the Salamanders in the centre fell to Dwarf blunderbuss fire, but the Dwarfs were in turn cut down by acidic globs spat by the reptilian monsters behind the Salamander lines.

The Brotherhood had finally finished the lasts of the undead, except for the carrion and the evil priest.
A regiment of Abyssal Dwarfs, their King and a contraption that spouted fire were left in the centre, but their advance had been halted, and they were locked in combat alongside the only remaining Deamons against the stalwart Dwarfs. The Dwarfs had suffered few casualties, and were ready to turn to this new threat as the hours passed.

With the Brotherhood and Dwarfs both now pressing back towards the centre, as the ash clouds billowed again, the combatants parted, and the forces of evil vanished into the gloom, leaving the forces of good victorious, though a high price had been paid in Salamander blood to hold the bare rock and ash cursed earth.

Note: Losses per force (from 1200 points in each army)
Centre ground Salamanders lost 920 points, Abyssal Dwarfs lost 610 points
Right flank Dwarfs lost 200 points, Abyssals lost 800 points
Left flank Brotherhood lost 350 points, Empire of Dust lost 895 points

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