Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Desert Heat - Almost As Hot As Fireballs

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Forces of the Abyss
VS Kingdoms of Men

What a battle. Early into the game, the Abyssals had a devastating turn against the Brotherhood, robbing them of several important units.

However, only a short while later.. The Abyssals would lose momentum and the Brotherhood would take that chance to launch a ferocious counter attack. Both armies losing all sources of (relevant) inspiring by the end of the game proved crucial as each turn held a bloody fight between units.

A critical moment in deciding the battle of a tie was definitely when a unit of Knights failed to rout a regiment of Flamebearers in close combat, the Flamebearers would go on to regenerate nearly all of the wounds and force the Knights to charge them once again. This gave a unit of Abyssal Horsemen time to get a flank charge on the unit.

One of the most either way battles I have fought ever. I look forward to the rematch and the chance to slaughter yet more knights!

Turn 1:

Brotherhood preformed various shooting, with little effect, the rest of the army held the line and moved up slowly.

All wounds done on the flame bearers it was time for the demons to move up.

Round 2:

The Order of the forsaken took an opportunity to charge Succubi in the flank. And Dogs were charged by an Exemplar of the Brotherhood. Succubi routed.

The abyss took it upon themselves to burn the knights. The Foot Knights, Devoted and one hero were all routed by shooting/magic. Order of the forsaken were charged by 2 units of Abyssal Horsemen

Turn 3:

Brotherhood shooting routs the hellhounds, and cause a few wounds on an efreet.

Lower Abyssals charge the Martyrs

Turn 4:

Brotherhood manage to rout succubi, Efreet and Lower Abyssals.

Abyssals fail to rout Martyrs. The last of the Brotherhood Heroes are routed.

Turn 5:

Knights charge flame bearers but fail to rout. Shooting routs a different unit of Flame Bearers.

Counter charge on the knights, but hold fast.

Turn 6:

Charged the Flame bearers again, and fail to rout again.

Abyssals charge and rout the Order of the Brotherhood, and Trebuchet.

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