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VS Kingdoms of Men

Bottom of Turn 1 involved my Mawbeast pack being charged by a horde of Pegasus Knights and got wiped. I turned my Trolls to flank the Knights on my Turn 2, and did 16 wounds. I then rolled double 1s for the nerve test, and the Pegasus knights stayed. the Trolls were double teamed by the Pegasus Knights and Order of the Abyssal Hunt, and wiped in one round. Over the course of the next two turns, i failed to wound the Peg Knights and force another nerve test. The rest of our armies mostly stared at each other across the table in the meantime, neither side ready to engage, save for the Abyssal Hunt charging one of my Giants. This lead to heavy damage and eventual death of both units

By Turn 6, the scrum in the middle had started, and i managed to fight my way back to a winning lead. Which i then thew away due to what i thought was a safe charge against a Bowman regiment that
was contesting an objective that would have been worth 4 points for me. The charging Giant and Goblin King on a Chariot failed to route the archers, which by itself was enough to cost me the game

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