Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Craig's Revenge: Evil Undead crush Javis' Good Undead

2000+ POINTS
Kingdoms of Men
VS Undead
End of Turn 1
Good Turn 2
Evil Turn 2
Good Turn 3
Evil Turn 3
Evil Turn 4
Evil Turn 5

Turn 1:
2 catapults hit the Vampire Cav and came 1 short of waivering it.

The zombies on the left didn't advance for fear of blocking the catapults, which was foolish given their height 2 target.

The Zombie Dragons also held back, as they could see over the forest from the hill and wanted to flank anything attacking the zombies from the right.

Evil advanced the main battle line and raced up nimbel werewolves and a rival zombie dragon on the left flank.

Turn 2:
The Zombie Trolls were surged into the Werewolves to block a flank attack. But they came one short of waivering them.

The zombies advanced in the centre and the blue zombie dragon with chant of hate was raced up outside the arc of the wraiths. But I forgot that they shamble. So I coped a flank charge and was waivered. This cost the right flank.

The Zombie Trolls were double charged by werewolves and Vampire Cav and promptly died, leaving my left flank exposed.

The evil Zombie dragon charged Javis himself but he held firm.

Turn 3:
The zombie legion and remainig zombies charged. The green Zombie Dragon repositioned ready to attack the enemy line in the flank.

The legion and zombies all evaporated mostly due the Vampire Cav in the flank.

Turn 4:
The green Dragon charged the enemy Liche King before dying to Vampire Cav in one go.

Turn 5:
It was over. Javis was gone. So was his army, completely tabled with only one regiment of werewolves as a trophy to show for it.

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