Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Jarvis' Good Mantic Zombies table the Evil GW Salamanders (someone had to be Evil right, may as well be the GW army)

2000+ POINTS
Kingdoms of Men
VS Salamanders
Turn 2: Redeploy the Zombie Dragons
Turn 2: Advance of the Lizardmen
End Times for the Lizardmen
Lizardmen's last stand before being tabled

After losing 2 Battles, Jarvis was determined to do better. A general who had never used his Salamanders in KoW (despite being a top player in Clash of Kings Australia with Dwarves) proved to be the perfect opportunity.

Turn 1: Saw a unit of chaff obliterated by a single volley of arrows and a successful catapult hit. The other two catapults fired at some skinks with one hitting but they still held firm. The Zombie Dragons were redeployed to get ready for some breath attacks next turn.

The Salamanders countered by racing up a their Calvary to threaten a catapult avoid the charge arc of one but crucially not two zombie dragons.

Turn 2: Saw the Salamander Cav smash a catapult off the table. But the Zombie dragon in arc charged and waivered them.

Turn 3 & 4: Saw the end of Salamander Cav and the end of the Fire Elementals both due to Zombie Dragons. The Elementals suffered a turn of breath attack before being eaten. The Salamander Cav were easy prey after being waivered on turn 2.

Turn 5, 6 & 7:
There was an opportunity to single charge the last unit of Salamander infantry but Jarvis held back his Calvary to soften them up with a turn of shooting first. This proved a winning strategy as they died after just one turn of shooting with one catapult doing 7 damage in one hit.

The Zombie Trolls and Zombies finished off the chaff with a bane chant on the Zombies from Jarvis him self.

It was over. The Evil GW Lizardmen were defeated by the Good Mantic Zombies. Tabled nearly to the last lizard save a few support units.

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