Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Roman Revenge

2000+ POINTS
Kingdoms of Men
VS Nightstalkers
Chris and Mark

For the Final Edge of the Abyss battle 2000 points of Romans teamed up with 1000 points of Dwarfs vs 2000 pts Twilight Kin and 1000 points Undead.

Deployment saw 7 warmachines with good lines of fire, dwarves in the middle, Romans on the right and Roman Calvary and Brocks on the Left.

Only one flyer was there to throw a spanner in the works.

Romans and Dwarves went first and raced up their calvary, blocking the catapult.

One regiment of Roman Cav was shoot off. But the Brocks got revenge for them. The other regiment of Roman Cav attempted a hindered charge and did very little.

The Brocks and Sfery were all flanked and destroyed with an overrun.

The Romans should have died too but a double 1 saved them.

The Romans corkscrewed into the Kin Hoard doing 0 damage. The muscian took tripple attacks on the dragons's breath weapon and killed it.

Two double ones saved the musician and Roman Cav, who killed the Kin Archer Hoard.

Meanwhile in the centre the bolt throwers and catapults softened up a troop of undead and hoard of zombies. At one point they destroyed the Barrow Wights who were on full health with 12 hits and 11 wounds.

The regiments of Dwaves held up the Cav and Blade Dancers, allowing the Roman Hoard to finish the job on the Cav.

On the right, the double line of Roman regiments proved formidale destroying Vampire Cav (eventually)!!!

The game was over. It was a draw. But the Romans and Dwarves won on attrition. A moral victory for the final battle.

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