Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Battle of the not so Twilight Glades

Abyssal Dwarfs
Bob The Bobish
VS Dwarfs
John E

The age old conflict of Dwarf on Evil Dwarf action, but this time in a rainbow enchanted forest! The reasons are vague and the logic is on shaky ground but they did deploy at least...

The slave masters drove their orcs forward on the left flank hoping to secure it without loss of vastly more important dwarven life.

The half-breeds attempted to goad the angry badgers into a battle in the trees while the black souls and immortal guard positioned themselves against the ironclad horde and the steel behemoth. The rainbows burned the eyes of the katsuchan rocketeers and negligible damage was scored...

Dravak surged Infernok towards the center in hopes of splitting the less dwarfy dwarves in two.

The mounted slaves engaged a particularly angry badger riding dwarf eventually embarrassing their master and routing off the field...

Infernok happily mulched a few of the rifle dwarves over two rounds eventually destroying them with excessive glee!

The charge of a steel behemoth ended the onslaught of organ guns but the immortals held firm. This gave the black souls a perfect chance to charge in on the behemoth's side. Surprisingly they even wavered the mechanical monster though they were instantly scolded by Dravak for failing to dismantle it completely!

The Half Breeds did short work of the berserkers as they came into charge range. Even through the glitter and rainbow grass they were able to best the angry badgers and the dwarves holding on to their mounts!

A most brazen and resiliant dwarf king came to the rescue to turn the battle however charging into the black souls. The Ironclad hoard engaged the immortals making their name an unfortunate joke and turned to face the now doomed half breeds. This turn did not please Dravak.

The slaves, now dimished by the peppering of dwarven organ guns, charged into the dwarf infantry and instead of breaking them were eventually broken...

After nearly killing the overseer the steel behemoth decided to rampage into the side of the black souls. The dwarf king mocks us so.

Infernok after stomping abscent mindlessly over the organ gun turned his attention to those putrid dwarves that murdered our slaves. The ziggurat will take much more time to build now...

Infernok pounded the dwarves into the ground quickly proving his mighty. Infernok and Dravak lived their brethren were beaten to a bloody pulp. The battle was a draw as both sides secured a single objective by the end with few remaining on each side.

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