Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

2000K points March to War

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Bad Elf
VS The League of Rhordia

At the start of the battle, Wellington swiftly flew across the field, charging the Dark Knights, dealing seven wounds. A few of the shots took place, tamely scratching the dragon scales and only hitting one Crossbowman. Following up, The Dark Lord Sontré flew across the field on his dragon, trying to set up a devastating change on the Halfling hordes. The Dark Knights brushed of the wounds taken by Wellington and fought on, dealing heavy damage and almost causing the Griffon to fly away, and was only stopped as Wellington calmed him down. At the last moment, Sontré’s dragon shot lightning bolts from his mouth, frying the Halfling Goat cavalry completely. Inspired by Wellington, the Hussars and Honour Guard charged into the horde of Orcs and one very large Hydra.
The Mage, Gandalf, tried to help the Honour Guard’s attempts to drain the Hydra’s life away, with little success. The Halfling bowmen, terrified of the dragon, tried to take a volley of shots at it, but failed to land a single wound.
The Ninety-fifth Rifles had more success when aiming at the Abyssal Riders. Wellington, on his Griffon, filled with fury at having being wounded, tore their way through the Dark Rider unit, decimating them.
Having suffered a brutal charge, the Orc Greataxes lost a quarter of their force. The Honour Guard charged the vicious Hydra, coordinating their attack and sliced of the Hydra’s head, felling it in one fell swoop.
Sontré followed his gut instinct and attempted to kill the Battleshrine, as he believed this would completely turn the tide of battle. The Crossbowmen, having previously watched the witnessed the Dark Riders die, attempted to take Wellington down, wounding hid Griffon further. The High Priestess, understanding the Crossbowmen’s goal, fired Magic at Wellington, which proved to be the final straw in taking both himself and his Griffon down.
Buccaneers, having held back for most of the battle, saw a small Halfling unit start to throw weapons at them, inflicting heavy damage.
The Orcs, aiming at the Iron Beast for killing so many of them, ferociously struck back, with their weapons deeply denting the armour plates, yet the Iron Beast kept going. The Abyssal Riders struck at the Honour Guard, their Demonic Steeds crushing through their enemy.
Gandalf, now left stranded and alone, delved deeper into a suicide mission to kill the Abyssal Riders and threw lightning bolts at them, thus killing his foes.
The Battleshrine and Halfling Bowmen, seeing the huge Dragon deep within their lines, knew that they must shoot the beast or suffer severe losses. The Dragon, however, terrified them and many of their shots were wide of the mark. One Archer did make it through, however, and pierced one of the Dragon’s scales.
Facing the Orcs, the Iron Beast and Hussars attempted to finish off their enemy, but even though almost all of the Orcs were defeated, those remaining managed to remain in the battle, although their fightback was limited. Holding their position, however, was invaluable, as it allowed the Crossbowmen to form a supporting line and inflict losses on the Hussars.
While the Orc Godspeaker; Leist-unk’s Magic disrupted the Iron Beast and caused it to stop working temporarily.
The Buccaneers charged a wandering Halfling unit and crushed it as they marched onwards. Sontré charged at his opponent, but was halted temporarily by a lone Halfling volley gun and its crewman.

The Halflings tried to regroup as best they could, under fire from Sontré’s Abyssal Riders, which dealt several wounds to their opponents. The Orcs recovered from their bout of fear and attacked the stationary Iron Beast. The Abyssal Riders charged into the Halfling Bowmen.
The Buccaneers launched some daggers and felled a Rifleman, whilst the Sorceress finished off the struggling Hussars with more Magic. The Orcs then finished off the already damaged Iron Beast, whilst the Abyssal Riders beat down the Halfling Bowmen, but the style of the horde meant that for each dead Halfling, two more replaced them.
The Halflings and the remaining Hussars attempted to pepper the Dark Lord. Gandalf soul-drained the energy from some Abyssal Riders and the Dark Lord tried to press the advantage by attempting to encircle the Halflings.
The Crossbowmen fired at the Halfling Spearmen, as well as the Buccaneers, and, although they took many of the enemy, the Battleshrines kept their spirits up.
Sontré then launched a vicious charge at the enemy’s rear flanks, annihilating the Riflemen. The Abyssal Riders finished off the Bowmen; the remaining Halflings valiantly charged and finished off the Greateaxes. Having launched the charge, however, they found themselves surrounded by the Kindred, who committed every shot they had to finishing off the Halflings. The Generals and Battleshrine retreated as the Dark Lord revelled in victory.

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