Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A green fight

The League of Rhordia
VS Goblins

More inf incoming asap

Left flank : 2 regiments of Cavalery and Mounted Baron
My middle : 2 volley gun, one troop of cavalery and regiment of honour guard
My right : Horde of spearmen, 2 troops of guard, Benedict and M'Al Eldi (Aralez)
First shots of volley gun : Skulks dead
Gobz really want to fight
I guess this flank is locked
Big misses of skulks
I charge this !
While the volley gun destroy an horde of trolls, I charge the feabag riders and I kill it
Higher view
Chariots and King want to kill honour guard, but just waver it.
Ugly fight
Hard time for gigante shot by volley gun

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The League of Rhordia