Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Seas of Death on the Twilight

2000+ POINTS
VS The Trident Realm of Neritica
Caverius Rex


The forces of Aeorys, Liche Commander, keep desacrating the elvish sacred lands as the Liche continues to siphon power from the portals. Dwarfs and Elves had fallen and his forces keep rising with the contiuous avalanche of corpses. Notices of the growing strenght of the Death have arrived to the deeps of the Infant Sea and the Trident King decides to make a rush into the Twilight Glades to assist the allies of the Green Lady and stop the Undead once and for all.

Five portals were present on the field when the armys encounter, one in each forest, one over a hill and one in the deepest side of a lagoon, completely submerged underwater. (Flags in the pictures).

The sea people deploy, from left to right: Riverguard Reg., the Trindent King, an Horde of Water Elementals, a Placoderms Horde, Leviathan's Bane, Gigas Horde, Leviathan's Bane, Naiad Centurion, Naiad Heartpiercers Reg and ¡The Flying Placodermus! (Placoderm Defender w/ wings).

The Undead received the enemy from left to right: Werewolves Horde, Lycanis, Revenants Horde, Wights Horde behind, King Liche, Mummy Reg., Mummy Reg., Liche King behind and Werewolves Horde.

Turn 1

The Undeads advance first. The usually rushing Werewolves advanced little this time: the enemy army couldn't do to much damage from the distance (or enough to rout an unit before receive healing) but the resistance of the enemy was too great to be reckless. The entire undead army needs to reach the sea horde at the same time.

The Realm of the Trident forces advanced just a little, in order to make a shoot with the Naiads on the right and trying to steal a flank with the River Guard. The shooting do some little damage to the central Mummys and the Werewolves on the right.

Turn 2

The fastest undead units advances with caution again, positioning and preparing the charges for the next turn. The Placoderm horde is too rough to be destroyed easy with the menace of the water elements and the Trident King so close and positioned to take a juicy flank.

The Trident King's army started the aggressions. He himself advance to scorch the werewolves with his breath. Meanwhile, on the far right the Kraken and flying Placoderm launch an unexpected attack on the Werewolves Horde, but they fail to do a lot of damage as the kraken seems to forget its tentacles on the sea (a really really bad roll).

Turn 3

The time is now. The undead charge all around the field of battle. On the left the Lycanis charges at the Trident King in order to avoid him taking the flank of the Werewolves, whom charge the Water Elementals. In the center the Revenants charge the Placoderms, as the Gigas advanced and pivot a little and cannot see them now. Finally, on the right, the Werewolves counter charge the Kraken, assisted by a Mummy Regiments by the flank.

Water Elementals and the Kraken are routed.

Trying to recover from the last attack, the sea folk counter charge the Lycanis and the Revenants with the Trident King and the Placoderms, respectively, but fail to rout neither. Meanwhile the River Guard takes position to flank the undead army. Shots from the Leviathan's Banes and the Naiads keep raining over the moving corpses, but the massive healing each turn make it impossible to rout the undead units. The flying placoderm tries to disorder one of the Liche Kings, but incredibly fails to wound.

Turn 4

The Liche Commander Aeorys decides to finish the battle. A massive charge is ordered and the Placoderms receive a triple charge from Revenants, Wights and Werewolves. At the same time, the Gigas are charged by two Mummy Regiments on their front and flank. On the right flank of the battlefield, the Werewolves charge the Naiads on their forest.

Marine hordes are destroyed and the undead pivot ready to face the last of the Trident army. Naiads barely survive.

In a last effort to recover, the Trident Realm make some charges. The Trident King counter charge the Lycanis, the River Guard charges the Wights, the flying Placoderm attacks the other Liche King and the Naiads counter charge the Werewolves. Unlucky, they can't rout anything.

Turn 5

Finally the Werewolves charge the flank of the Trident King and the Mummys help the Werewolves on the right to attack the Naiads charging on their flank. Nobody capable of controlling portals survives in the seas army.

On the last turn, the undead moves and take 4 objectives. An overwhelming victory for the Undead.

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