Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

In addition to commander profiles for individual players, each store and hobby club can sign up and create their own hub profile. Here, commanders who frequent the same clubs can post and discuss the campaign. These hubs will provide an easy way to organise meet ups and club events to ensure all get the chance to participate in the campaign.

All stores and clubs taking part in the Edge of the Abyss will be listed on the Beasts of War website, so people in your local area can check their local neighbourhood to see where they can play. This is a great way of attracting potential new members to your club, or getting extra customers into your store.

Have fun with it!

As well as tracking the overall battle results, each store or club will get their own mini hub that they can use to track who’s winning on a micro scale! Perhaps you can form allegiances to topple the top player or have bragging rights over your friends at the local store. You could even have your own mini tournament/league to see who will take the top spot.


Once the campaign is over Mantic will be randomly choosing clubs or stores to receive prizes for their participants. These could range from a few units to whole army boxes for the players! So get your club to register and participate now, and you just might benefit from it.


  • Darth Toiletroll says:

    Hi everyone, we’re a friendly group of gamers in the north west of England. Altrincham to be exact. Anybody who wans to pop down on a Tuesday night is more than welcome. Most of all lets spread that abyss.

  • KerbaK says:

    Hi,, we have the group Kings of war Chile,,, a Kings of war Comunity from Chile, Southamerica, we are now organized in 2 factiones, 10 players from good and 10 players from evil, playing as a narrative campaign with organatized matchs each week.
    We have battles each week, and this week we are on battle 3 according to the campaign book.
    Im managing the goup, and at the we will have special discounts on mantic products for each member of the winnig side, and also a bigger discount foe the champion of each side (the best general scored from each side)
    Also we will finish with a masive megabattle with all the players possible on one long battlefield

    So let the war for Mantica begins