Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

If your opponent has an account and also created a report covering the same battle, you can link both your reports, and both commander’s will earn extra XP (once both reports have been published).

PLEASE NOTE: It is necessary to ensure that the details of each report are correct before linking. Once a link has been made certain changes to the reports cannot be made by commanders.

Step 1 – Find linking code:

Click on the battle report you want to link and you will see a code in bold in the improvement section:

Link code found in improvements


Step 2 – Send code:

Either copy your code and send it to your opponent or have them send you their code. 

Step 3 – Enter code:

Once you have your opponent’s code click Link Battle Report To An Opponent.

Click the middle button to link your report

Paste the code into the first field Opponent Battle Code.

Opponent’s code goes here

For a link to be successful the Battle Stats must match up; if they said they won then your report must say you lost etc. Before linking your report its best practice to fill in all the required fields, save your changes then return to the settings to link the report using your opponents battle code.

Once a link is successful your report will let others know that this is the case and provide an icon to click to view the other one. In case you’re wondering, linked battles are only counted once per battle in the statistics and data of the campaign and not per report.



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