Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

For the very latest details on how a faction is performing in the campaign you can browse to each of the faction centres via the Factions drop down menu found on the navigation bar.


Browse to the desired faction

Inside each faction centre, you will find the latest statistics and data for:

  • Number of battles fought and in which theatre
  • Performance data for each battle
  • Latest battle reports to come from the front lines
  • Commander performance tables
  • Latest from your faction’s Briefing Room (Providing it is your faction and you are logged in)


Faction Statistics


You can sort the order in which you can view the list of battle reports if required:

  • Newest to Oldest published 
  • Oldest to Newest published
  • Average Star Rating  – Highest to Lowest
  • Average Star Rating – Lowest to Highest
  • Commendations battle has received – Highest to Lowest
  • Commendations battle has received – Lowest to Highest


Battle reports for the faction can be sorted and filtered



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