Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Join us every Tuesday 6pm – 10pm at the Well End Activity Centre.

At Thor’s Hammer we are a large group of like minded gamers who beleive that having fun is the most important part of any game. We take pride in creating a fun, friendly and exciting atmosphere at the club that is enjoyable for gamers of all ages and experience.

A list of our most popular gaming systems can be found below however we are always open and enthusiastic to playing new games so feel free to bring along a game there will always be someone willing to give it a go. If there is a game you feel like having a go of but dont have any models don’ worry we have enough models for all the gaming systems too be able to lend you something to play with.

Well End Activity Centre
Well End Road
United Kingdom

Points Scored Per Theatre

Battles Fought Per Day, Per Theatre

Top Commanders B.A.E. 6 pts
Battle Hardened B.A.E. 2 reps
Most Commended B.A.E. 5 comms
New Recruits
Images Video Army Lists Linked 150+ Words Reset
Massacre at the Edge of the Abyss Edges of the Abyss
VS The Herd
Richard Miles
A skirmish on the edge of Rhyn Dufaris Rhyn Dufaris
VS Forces of the Abyss
Ian Davies